Fresh from attending Robot World hosted by Manchester Science Park where I am based, I must admit, I was disappointed on two fronts.

  1. There were no robots on site. A trip to Museum of Science and Industry is required, which I will duly oblige time permitting.
  2. The panel denied the inevitable, i.e. their jobs are not under threat. Robots will simply augment, so there is no threat.

In contrast to the event I attended, BusinessCloud reported another event where panelists have spoken about Artificial Intelligence (AI) soon replacing many lawyers and doctors.

Let me share an alternative view to this very important yet very complex question. Instead of denying, let’s assume the worst, i.e. Robots will be better and smarter than humans one day. Given the growth of technology, it is inevitable. Once you accept this position, then you can start to find solutions of how humans can co-exist with Robots.

I attended the event with my youngest daughter, so it was good to discuss this point during the return journey home.

The Bright Building where the event was hosted is a superb location for any events to bring the tech community together.

It was good for the event organisers to arrange the attendees to take doggie bags home, instead of throwing away left over food. #StopWastingFood.


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