Techcelerate was originally founded by Manchester based Tech Entrepreneur, Manoj Ranaweera on 23rd November 2006 as Northern Startup 2.0, when his first Fintech Startup, ebdex ran into difficulty. From 2006 to 2013, Techcelerate took the initiative to build the tech ecosystem in Manchester single handedly with the support of the community.

Between 2006 to 2013, Techcelerate ran well over 100 tech entrepreneur events bringing tech entrepreneurs, senior managers of tech companies, investors, dealmakers and service providers together in Manchester, Daresbury, Liverpool and London. During this tenure, it focused on access to finance, talent, knowledge and distribution channels.



What some of our community had to say about Techcelerate then:

“Techcelerate is doing something truly ground-breaking for the UK tech community. By cultivating an international ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs and investors, Techcelerate gives young businesses in the north an unbeatable opportunity to succeed, by learning from others and successfully commercialising their ideas. I really enjoyed sharing my Bebo experience with the Techcelerate community, and look forward to coming back soon.”
Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo

“Great to see startups growing in local ecosystems as with Techcelerate helping in Manchester.”
Reshma Sohoni, CEO, Seedcamp

“Techcelerate is a vibrant hub around which ideas, products and – vitally – investment coalesce. Attending Techcelerate makes you feel like Manchester and the Northwest are a genuine part of the global tech entrepreneurship scene. Over the last four years the organisation has been a powerful driver for economic growth in the Northwest and it would be great to see that, and the investment of time, energy and cash by its founder, recognised as the organisation continues to grow.”
Tom Cheesewright, Strategy Director, And Digital

After Northern Tech Awards was acquired by GP Bullhound in 2013, Techcelerate ceased operations, but continued to maintain its website.

During the past, Techcelerate was supported by many organisations and individuals which resulted in a community of 2,300 scattered from Manchester to San Francisco and Beijing. Among the organisations were KPMG, Aaron & Partners, Crowe Clarke Whitehill, eOffice, Bruntwood, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Innospace, Sun Microsystems, Midas and more. Without their support and the community, we would not have lasted until 2013.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their support. Thank you!



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