Richard Hamnett, co-founder and CTO of ResponseTap spoke at Old Granda Studios in Manchester on 19th July 2018 sharing the journey and the challenges. Richard was interviewed by Luke Grimes of Webantic/ANS Group. The event series known as Founder Insights is becoming a must attend event for tech entrepreneurs in Manchester.

I managed to get a question in during the Q&A

To be frank, I sent few more questions prior to the event, which Richard kindly addressed during the interview.

It has been years since I wrote the last Company Analyst Report. ResponseTap definitely fits the type of company worth writing about. Let’s see whether I can convince myself for a return, after all Techcelerate Research needs some research material to stop folks laughing at me… Manoj, an analyst..there goes the outburst of laughter.

Oh apologies for the poor quality of the videos as they were live streamed via Facebook and then downloaded and uploaded to YouTube. Next time, I will live stream from YouTube to stop the hassle and hopefully improve the quality.