As Tech Ecosystem builders, Techcelerate understands the true value of strong connected networks. At this early stage, it’s vital to start segmenting the new Network as we are building it. Without segmentation, it will be harder in the long run to unlock the full potential of the Network. Current segments being:

  1. Customers and prospects – Tech Companies we represent today or likely to represent in the future.
  2. Investors – Those who are likely to back our Customers financially. 
  3. Partners – Those who can add value to our Customers.
  4. Techcelerate Specialists – Those who plug gaps in our Customers’ businesses. 
  5. Service Providers – Anyone who could provide value to our Customers but not yet have a formal partnership with us.
  6. Others – Includes students and developers (software engineers). 

In terms of building the Network, we are attracting new companies and contacts through monthly Techcelerate Coffees and weekly Techcelerate Deal Newsletter.

As we have started with 0 contacts instead of leveraging my personal network of 18,073, it gives us an opportunity to build intelligence through segmentation.

What methods do you use to make it easy to leverage your own network?