The fourth Techcelerate Coffees meet took place on Wednesday at the fantastic open space in Benugo, XYZ Building, Spinningfields, Manchester.

Another well attended event which is presently capped at 25 attendees. A wide variety of topics up for discussion from the many tech entrepreneurs and founders. A common theme was the difficulties facing more established business with raising investment in the £100,000 to £1,000,000 range. Ideas requiring capital to build a business and then those businesses that started up from the idea and now need capital to develop that further. Where do they go? How do they tackle the tough questions? How can they convince investors that they have a viable product or service underpinned by tech without demonstrable revenue and growth?

Techcelerate can certainly provide some guidance on this whilst assisting you on planning for growth and investment. Techcelerate Coffees sessions are there so that we as business founders and leaders can support each other and just by having a conversation create more opportunities. There is most definitely something for everyone and having talked to all of you I am humbled that there is a real desire to build a solid business network that celebrates technology.

Some interesting conversation took place around social responsibility and community-based technology solutions which seems to be an emerging market. The interesting thing is that all of us could probably contribute more in this area, take a step back and look at what you or your tech business is providing or solving, and you’d be surprised at the potential it has.

Of course, you can’t have a tech networking event without blockchain being mentioned and the endless potential uses that this brings to every day services. There is a polarised view on the development of blockchain and the utilisation in main stream, some think we are years away from every day use and others think we are right on the cusp of social integration. One point of note was raised that the ‘middle-man’ industries should be worried in any case and need to embrace the use of this technology to adapt.

The next Techcelerate Coffees event will take place on 10th October at Benugo in Spinningfields and we look forward to welcoming you. Register for your ticket here Techcelerate Coffees #6

We have had a discussion around a speaking event or panel event and I am keen to hear from you all with views on either and your suggestions…watch this space!

Article by Alexandra Morris – Head of Techcelerate Network 

In addition to running MakeUrMove, Alexandra is responsible for the growth of Techcelerate Network from a mere seed to a thriving network demonstrating unparalleled value to Techcelerate customers as well as Members of the Network.