Techcelerate is at a very early stage of our 5-year operational plan. Everyone wants to wait until a business matures before spending money on the business. What they do not realise is that those who engage with a young business at early stages has an opportunity to build a special relationship that a mature business may not present. Secondly, cost of engagement at an early stage is much lower than at a later stage.

Unlike my past ventures, this time around, I do not plan to spend beyond our means, i.e. expenditure must come from revenues generated. So this presents sponsorship opportunities for companies that wish to engage with us at this early stage of our journey.


Weekly Techcelerate Investment Deal News

I have been preparing a weekly newsletter, which captures tech investments over the last 7 days in the UK weekly. So far I have released 16 Editions aggregating investment deals over £2 billion into UK tech companies.

Our 107 subscribers include tech Founders and CEOs, investors and those who sells to Tech Companies.

As I am writing this, I have failed to meet the deadline for this week, which was 9:15 am on Monday. As I become busy building Techcelerate and servicing our customers, I would hate to give up on what we started on 25th June 2018.

The newsletter is useful as it presents investment deals in byte-size making it easy to consume by subscribers. So far, we have not lost a single subscriber.


Samples of Investment News Shared

As you can see from the extract below, the investment news is conveyed in such a manner that it could be read very quickly. If you are a xxxTech company, you could quickly scan the newsletter to learn about the investment landscape of your market sector. If you are raising Series A, you could learn about what’s the average been raised in the UK.


Subscriber Growth

Newsletter has grown over the last 17 weeks with no churn (unsubscribers) to date.



Tim Hampson, Co-Founder & CEO at SalesSeek

It’s a great newsletter – just the right length. Worth subscribing to for anyone in tech

Agree with Tim regarding both including a link and a short value proposition, but other than these great content and perfect length. Appreciate it very much Manoj!

John Roberts, Founder & Chairman at Comvergent Group

This is both useful and interesting Manoj as a summary of what’s being invested in and from where the investment is coming from.

Adam Ward, CEO & Co-Founder at Airtime Rewards

Enjoy reading your newsletter Manoj, keep up the good work.

Alex BlakoeProduct Manager at Cievert

Techcelerate is a fantastic newsletter for keeping abreast of developments in the world of startups. With so many interesting companies out there, being able to have a digestible list to my inbox every week is absolutely great.

Marco Fiori, Account Director at Bamboo PR

Concise, informative, punchy. An excellent summary that’s extremely useful.

Nik Seth, Founder & CEO at Holm

Manoj has adapted Techcelerate’s newsletter into a great read. It’s one of the few regular updates which I make sure I always read.


Sponsorship Opportunity

We are looking for 2 sponsors to support us continue to offer this free newsletter. Sponsorship is priced at £500 for 4 weeks. There are two slots available for each 4 week period. These being:

  1. On the newsletter. See Your Ad Here slot.
  2. On Investment News web page.



This sponsorship opportunity might be suitable for an organisation which may want to simply help without expecting a return to those who may have a service or product that our audience may be interested in trialling or purchasing. It could also be for simple brand awareness. Potential sponsors could range from professional service companies such as accountants and lawyers, tech companies looking for outreach as well as tech  companies raising investment. It could even be a venture capital or private equity firm.


Use of money

The sponsorship will go towards recruiting a person on part-time to help me with some of the leg work involved in collection and preparation of the investment deals. If you like to sponsor us, please reach me direct via email on [email protected] or call me on 07769734491. 


Update 1

Since going live this morning, Brabners have stepped up to the challenge of becoming our first Sponsor. Thank you William Eggleston. If we could secure sponsorship for three months, then I can in fact explore hiring a person for the long term instead of finding a temporary option. This will open up more opportunities in terms of not just presenting investments, but also sharing insights.

Start of 4 week slot Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Cost per Sponsor (£)
22/10/2018 Brabners (Legal Firm) OnTask (Tech Company) 500
19/11/2018 5ive Tech (Recruitment) 500
17/12/2018 500
14/01/2018 750



Update 2 – The journey of the first Sponsor

It’s interesting to review the journey of the first sponsor, Brabners. Obviously they knew me as I keep telling my story to anyone who will listen.

William Eggleston is a young attorney who first subscribed to Deal News. He then attended few of Techcelerate Coffees. I also attended one of their events. When I posted yesterday about sponsorship, he was already thinking about it before I approached him direct. So for a little spend of £500, they are already in my good books. It’s psychological. In essence, Brabners helped me before anyone else. So without even thinking, I am compelled to help them, even though its not contractual. 

Would you like to be the next Sponsor?


Update 3 – OnTask becomes the Second Sponsor

OnTask, becomes our second sponsor. Thank you Jack Berlin!