Date: 10th October 2018
Location: Benugo, XYZ Building, Spinningfields, Manchester

The monthly Techcelerate Coffees meet took place on Wednesday at the fantastic open space in Benugo, Spinningfields, Manchester. Attendees from a wide range of tech sectors all discussing various ideas and businesses. From start ups to early stage Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and established businesses, we really do have a bit of everything in the Techcelerate Network.

Some friendly debate around the right time to launch and what an MVP really is, personally I think it is important to get things out there and then fine tune the product from the early adopter’s feedback. Others may disagree, but one thing is for sure, your tech product or service will never be perfect and will NEVER be finished.

Ideas was another discussed topic and how young entrepreneurs are launching ideas backed by big investment and this in turn sends the message of it being the done thing. It simply isn’t. Not every idea is worth investment and some really do need proof of concept, equally not every investment is cash based and ideas can be turned into reality with the right partners and support.

Manchester has a buzz about it for the tech scene and we need to nurture and support that, can a crazy idea become reality if a sensible person is brought on board for example?

Are you a speaker? Contact me if you have something tech related that you want to talk about to a room of likeminded people.

Finally you will be invited to a poll shortly to cover off what else we can do within the Techcelerate Network. Please do take a minute to complete and give us your feedback.

The next Techcelerate Coffees Manchester event is scheduled for November 14th.

Techcelerate Coffees Manchester #7 – Get your Ticket

I will see you there!

Alexandra Morris



Article by Alexandra Morris – Head of Techcelerate Network 

In addition to running MakeUrMove, Alexandra is responsible for the growth of Techcelerate Network from a mere seed to a thriving network demonstrating unparalleled value to Techcelerate customers as well as Members of the Network.