Over the years, I have tried many planning tools. I have never found one I liked. There’s nothing wrong with any of them. Yet I struggled to stay with any for a longer time. I keep switching back and forth. At present, I use a combination of tools from Asana to Trello. Yet, I keep going back to something simple I started many years ago based on mind mapping.

This year, I developed it further and thought that others might find it intriguing due to its simplicity. It’s self-explanatory and should only contain activities you could achieve on the day. Of course, the idea is not to get it 100% right. But near enough to allow flexibility.

This does not stop you using other tools. You could populate above from tasks assigned to you in other tools from sales (e.g. CRM) to software development (e.g. Jira). There will also be tasks that involve only you. Where do they appear right now? What about none work-related tasks? This template allows me to bring everything to one place. All manual. If you are into automation, this may not be for you.

If you find it useful and decide to trial, do let me know your progress. I would also love to hear what tool you use personally to manage each day.

PS: I use XMind. If you want the template, please just reach out.