We collect investment data of UK tech companies every day in order to provide insights to our Members during fundraisings. New data is shared weekly through a newsletter.

The FREE newsletter shares 5 investment deals. The PAID (£5.32 per month) newsletter shares all. 

We are currently in the process of developing a web application to allow greater access to data. This will be priced at £9.93 per month post-launch (expected to be in April 2019). But available for £53.45 per annum prior to launch. 


We are beginning to work with tech companies under membership plans to push them forward and to get into a position of strength to raise investment for them. On the back of this initiative, we are building a strong network of tech founders, investors and supporters.

We are currently recruiting Founders of mature tech companies into Techcelerate Angel Network to support tech companies in early stages. We continue to build stronger relationships with venture capital firms.

Techcelerate Specialists help mature tech companies with their growth plans. Techelerate partners help through software products and services. We have started to build a market place for trusted partners.


We help tech companies with investment readiness, introduce investors and support their growth plans post-investment. We then work with them in subsequent investment rounds until Founder exit. At which point, we hope they will join Techcelerate Angel Network as well as become Techcelerate Specialists to help younger tech companies.




Since starting up in 2018 (May – Techcelerate Coffees, June – Deals Newsletter and Aug – first customer), we realised that in order to make regular deals, we need to first build a stronger funnel of tech companies. This resulted in the introduction of Memberships. Without money exchanging hands, all we can do is chat and more chats. Once a company paid us, we have an obligation to help them succeed. We are learning and adapting as we move forward, like any new startup, even though we are a service company.

This sums up what Techcelerate does today. Hope it makes sense to you as well.