In June 2018, we started collecting and sharing Investment Deal News of UK Tech Companies. In 2019, we decided to split this into FREE and PAID Editions. FREE goes out on every Tuesday with a limited number of Investment News, now at an all-time low of 5 Deals. PAID goes out every Monday, ideally at 9:15 am, one day before FREE with all the investment data we have collected during the previous week.

Due to a request by many subscribers, we decided to build a web application to allow PAID subscribers greater access to the data we collect. The plan is to go live by April 1st with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to 15 pre-paid subscribers.

The project was split into two Phases and I am happy to report that Phase 1 was completed today, 9 working days behind which included 5 days lost due to illness. Here’s a screenshot of the Phase 1 completion.



Once the MVP is launched, the subscription will be set at £9.93 per month. During the development phase, we are offering it at the heavily discounted price of £53.45 per year, a discount of 45%. If you like to subscribe before launch, click on the button below.


Get 45% discount


At the time of writing this post, the data shown in the above example is significantly more accurate than on Crunchbase or Dealroom. Our focus is 100% UK and the aim is to have the most comprehensive lightweight solution in the market.