Techcelerate held a successful pitch practice event for its Members at Barclays Eagle Labs on 17th April 2019. As a Network, the focus is to support Members on their launch, growth and investment journeys and the pitch practice provides an opportunity to practice the delivery of pitches amongst like-minded Tech Entrepreneurs at various stages with their own businesses.



The challenge is a five-minute pitch to introduce your idea, product, service or established business and share your plan with the Techcelerate Network. In turn, the attendees can feedback their questions and provide context on how it can be improved in a positive way. This is the second of these events held by Techcelerate with plans to continue these on a bi-monthly basis.

Alexandra Morris, head of Techcelerate Network for Manchester and CEO of MakeUrMove, a mature Property Tech company said,

Not every business or idea is investable, the pitch practices allow Tech Founders and Entrepreneurs the opportunity to work this out for themselves and develop a clear plan for the future. Regardless, pitching your idea or business is something all Founders and Leaders should do as often as they can. Passion in what you do and why you do it is an important ingredient for success with or without investment.



Joe Petrie, Founder and CEO of  Scriverto AI said,

Presenting at the Techcelerate practice pitch was fantastic. It is an excellent exercise to be forced to articulate your whole mission clearly in only five minutes. Presenting to an audience made up mostly of fellow entrepreneurs was incredibly useful – a supportive and engaged audience who understand what you are trying to achieve and are able to provide constructive feedback. That wasnt my first pitch but it was definitely the most constructive – I left feeling in a stronger position than I arrived. It was also a great opportunity to become more engaged with the Techcelerate community and I also hooked up with someone who totally understood what Scriverto was about and was interested to become one of our pilot users. Awesome.



Tanya Nicol, Founder & CEO of TrippTee said,

Pitching TrippTee at the Techcelerate Coffees morning was such an advantageous exercise. Gaining presentation experience, articulating my business and conveying my plans for TrippTee will assist me along my journey. A special thanks to Alex for all of her invaluable support and knowledge during the pitch preparation.


Techcelerate is on a mission to help 100 tech companies in Manchester and the North West build their business. We offer support, advice and assistance through a range of events. Come along to our next coffee morning to find out more.

Article by Alexandra Morris – Head of Techcelerate Network 

In addition to running MakeUrMove, Alexandra is responsible for the growth of Techcelerate Network from a mere seed to a thriving network demonstrating unparalleled value to Techcelerate customers as well as Members of the Network.