Techcelerate operates a number of WhatsApp Groups which you might be interested in joining.

  1. Techcelerate Members: Pricing plans for Members.
  2. Techcelerate Partners: Pricing plans for Partners.
  3. Techcelerate Specialists
  4. Techcelerate General: 62 participants
  5. Techcelerate Pre-Revenue/MVP: 19 participants
  6. Techcelerate SaaS: 9 participants
  7. Techcelerate FinTech: 10 participants
  8. Techcelerate HealthTech: 5 participants
  9. Techcelerate TravelTech: 4 participants
  10. Techcelerate PropTech: 5 participants
  11. Techcelerate MarketPlaces: 3 participants
  12. Techcelerate AI/ML: 2 participants
  13. Techcelerate Blockchain: 2 participants
  14. Techcelerate Dev Network: 4 participants
  15. Techcelerate Offers: 5 participants

If you run a tech company and like to join (developers are welcome to join the Dev Network), connect with Manoj on WhatsApp via +44 7769734491, introduce yourself and then request the group you like to join.


About us: Techcelerate is building a Membership organisation for technology product companies with support networks (investors, partners, specialists and tools). Our sole focus is to find ways to help our Tech Company Members to accelerate, including investment readiness and fundraising.