Since Sales Velocity partnered with us, I have been discussing with Ian Walton on how to introduce structured sales processes and methodologies into B2B sales. A number of Techcelerate Member Tech Companies focus 100% on B2B sales. Some have a B2C offering with the ability to introduce B2B offers based on insights derived from B2C data.


L to R and top to bottom: Training Sensei, Flight Patrol, Holm Care, Talent36T, yboo, Scriverto AI, Baskyt, Malinko, BlocAssist, Tontio, MakeUrMove, Tutm and DriverNet


Ian and I are currently in the exploratory mode, having run an initial workshop on sales.


Sales Model Review (SMR)

Ian has created a bespoke service offering for Techcelerate Member Tech Companies referred to as Sales Model Review (SMR). It is aimed at B2B startups that are generating revenue but struggling to accelerate. The SMR is designed to rapidly identify the key issues and fix them fast.

The SMR looks at six key areas of the business:

  • Business Model
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Core Offer
  • Messaging
  • Sales Process


Ian plans to schedule a number of sessions with the Founder(s) going through each aspect of their business to understand where and how they can make changes to accelerate sales growth. It is anticipated this would consist of 6 x 1hr web calls/meetings (as long as it takes basically) to get the info he needs to produce a written report on how to optimise each area.

Once the report is completed, the company will get a copy of it plus a briefing session where it will be discussed to make sure everything is clear. It also includes 30 days of unlimited follow-up calls/emails if they need any further input or guidance.

However, the service will NOT include the implementation of the recommendations. If this is required, then it can be provided as a separate service depending on what the actual need is.

What do you think? Would this be a useful service for accelerating your sales?



It is our belief that a strong sales model could be attractive to investors as it de-risks their investment whilst accelerating and maximising the potential returns.

The opportunity here is that Techcelerate and Sales Velocity can provide a unique capability that dramatically improves the chances of success for startups and investors alike.