When you engage too much (i.e. when you become a prolific user) on someone else’s channel, people get bored with you. Once I was thrown out of Manchester Business School’s Alumni Intranet just after it was launched due to heavy usage. Strangely, at the time, no one else used it, so my posts stuck out.

It almost happened again. I was using a Startup Group on Facebook heavily. One person’s post about my frequent usage, got me to rethink our overall social engagement strategy.

Techcelerate had Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts prior to us stopping operations in 2013. Why not re-use them instead of trying to share useful content, even though they may be heavily subjective towards Techcelerate, on someone else’s channel, where we have no control?

So with that in mind, you are welcome to join our groups:

  1. Techcelerate Group on Linkedin
  2. Techcelerate Group on Facebook
  3. Techcelerate Group on WhatsApp

These groups are ideal for Tech (product) companies. Do introduce yourself if you join them.