A massive congratulations to Alexandra Morris, CEO of MakeUrMove, a Techcelerate Company who won Entrepreneur of the Year award at last night’s Prolific North Tech Awards held in Manchester. Alex has worked tirelessly over the years for MakeUrMove and deserved this amazing recognition.

Alex is not just a super-efficient CEO of a tech company. She juggles with a family of 3 kids and even studying for a law degree whilst continually increasing the capital efficiency of MakeUrMove.

alex morris


Alex said

“I am delighted to receive such a prestigious award and honoured to hold such a title, it is recognition of the hard work and dedication I have put into not only MakeUrMove but also championing women in tech and the talents of the North! I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with MakeUrMove and collaborating with the ever-growing network of tech founders and entrepreneurs to achieve even greater things for the future.’


Alex Morris

For the history lover, Alex and MakeUrMove were part of the old Techcelerate (2006 to 2013). It’s nice to see Tom Cheesewright giving the award to Alex, who was very much a part of the old Techcelerate before he became a futurist.