Techcelerate Sales Partner, Ian Walton of Sales Velocity ran an online workshop on 25th March 2020 to help Techcelerate Tech Companies rethink about sales messaging during the Covid19 outbreak.


According to Ian Walton,

Now more than ever, we need our sales messaging to connect with what’s going on in our customers’ mind….and that’s changed in the last two weeks.

 In this workshop, we looked at how to tune in and get laser focused on what really matters to your prospects and customers right now.

From a sales perspective, Ian says that a B2B tech (product) startup only needs two things to create a successful business, these being:

  1. The ability to create value, e.g. you need a product that solves a customer’s specific problem.
  2. The ability to communicate value, i.e. messaging.


Ian further emphasis that especially during the covid19 outbreak,

  1. Start with addressing a specific worry – the focus has shifted from a “problem” to a “worry”.
  2. Then provide helpful information to reduce or overcome the worry. Don’t try to shorten the sales cycle. Be sympathetic.
  3. Tell them what to do next. You need to focus on the outcome for the customer and may have to adjust your product or service to suit.


Check out the slides and video for further details.



Sales messaging workshop



Only available to Techcelerate Members, Partners and Specialists. Visit here for access.



Discussion is continuing at Linkedin.


Robert Wakeling of Wadaro said,

Thanks Ian & Manoj. Good Session. Food for thought …


Ram Raghavan of Aira said

Ian’s no-nonsense approach helped clarify the key aspects that one should focus to create a statement of promise. Very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Ian would appreciate any feedback on what he can do to improve the workshop. Was there anything missing or anything that was confusing or unclear? What would make it better?


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