As I am just about to on-board a new tech company who joined us last week, I thought I would re-write the list of activities I have to do:



  1. Fact-Finding session – where are you in your journey?
  2. Need Analysis session – what are your plans for the next 12 to 18 months?
  3. 12-month support programme – how can we best support you?
  4. Quarterly Reviews – Assign dates.



  1. Intranet provided by Iatro –  Create a group for the company and send invites
  2. Slack – Parked at the moment as this is replaced by (1).
  3. WhatsApp Groups – Invite to All and Tech CEO groups



  1. Deal News Pro – Add to MailChimp Audience list on CapsuleCRM.
  2. Deal Lite (currently need a lot of work) – Create an account and send an invite including adding to MailChimp Group on CapsuleCRM.
  3. Spreadsheet with contact details – Add contact details and share.



  1. Monthly News – Add to MailChimp Audience list on CapsuleCRM.



  1. Add to the website – Home, networking and members pages
  2. Write Linkedin introductory Post
  3. Blog Post – Q&A with CEO



  1. Up to $100k AWS Credits – Share the information
  2. Up to $100k GCP Credits – Share the information
  3. Up to $120k IBM Credits – Share the information
  4. Share other offers including those from our Tech Companies.



  1. Lean Stack
  2. Quarterly Plans
  3. Job Board



  1. Partners – One to one introductions based on Need Analysis
  2. Specialists – One to one introductions based on Need Analysis



  1. Business development (to be done)
  2. Member Agreement (to be done)