These days I am on two missions:

  • help our tech companies become successful
  • gain traction for SkilledUp Life (I built this for our tech companies and others), which I soft-launched on 1st August 2020.


I’m sharing everything I am doing to build SkilledUp Life with our Tech Founders so that they can use appropriate tactics to grow their own tech companies.


Mighty Networks Startup Community


In order to gain traction for SkilledUp Life, I am hanging out in 6+1 places. In my case, I am looking for engagement with tech companies and investors. These places being:

  1. Techcelerate WhatsApp Groups as I need to help our tech startups. I have quite a few groups.
  2. Linkedin – been there for a long time and it’s where long-lasting conversations take place now and no longer over emails. I only email when it’s necessary.
  3. Mighty Network Startup Communities setup by Brad Feld. They set up two groups for me, one for Manchester and the other for Sri Lanka.
  4. YC Startup School (Paul Graham‘s) forum.
  5. Twitter – always good to have a natter
  6. Just joined Reddit after 10+ years. Seems more organised now with a better UI. Still trying to find my way around. Think I found the startup group finally.
  7. Facebook just to curate Sri Lankan Tech Startups group but do occasionally drop into London Startup Group.


You need to find the groups and forums where your target audience hangs out. This is a great way to build your customer acquisition channels, instead of simply paying for paper clicks and social media adverts.


There are more channels to consider (see below), and I will share my experience after I tried them out:

  1. Betalist
  2. Product Hunt – you need to be ready to leverage, so require a lot of preparatory work.
  3. AppSumo


Update: 2020-09-23

Here’s another list

  1. Facebook (Pitchback – started from YC Startup School)
  2. Pioneer
  3. Indie Hackers
  4. YC Startup School
  5. Reddit
  6. Discord to go with Reddit group  
  7. Startup Starter