budget 2021

Budget update by John Leake of Sci-Tech Daresbury

I have been so pre-occupied lately and only now realised about the budget announcement. John Leake of Sci-Tech Daresbury has done a wonderful job of summarising it, which I am sharing below with you.   Tax: Corporation tax on company profits to rise from 19% to 25% in April 2023. Rate to be kept at […]

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Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech gearing up for new product release

Dicey Tech has been growing in the Edtech market since 2017, bringing out the educative technology that demonstrates 3D printing’s creative potential to innovate and educate.     The 3DUCATE learning platform features a growing list of projects that deliver the Key Stage 3-5 national curriculum in the context of the real world. Makerverse is […]

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Amplify human intelligence with AI

An interview with Raj Muppala of AI tech startup Haix

One of the tech founders to join Techcelerate in October 2020 is Raj Muppala of Haix. I had the privilege to catch up with Raj a few days back. “Everyone is in the race for AI, however lack of explainability and integrated platforms delays AI adoption”.         What got you into Tech […]

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Watching traffic on Tawk

I love watching traffic – how weird is that?

I have weird habits (I call them micro hobbies). Among them is watching traffic – you can learn so much from those who visit your websites to consume your content and where they come from. So far, recent traffic has led me already to identify potential future acquirers and partners. I see competitors as partners. […]

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Join Techcelerate Today

Why should you join Techcelerate?

What is Techcelerate? We are not an accelerator. We focus on solving real problems and helping technology companies to move from start (point of joining us) to eventual Exit, irrespective of how long the founder journey takes. We aspire to be the most trusted partner of the tech founders who joins and remains with us. […]

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Mad Friday with Manoj

Mad Friday with Manoj Only on 2nd Oct 2020 6 virtual events touching UK, USA, Sri Lanka and anything between and beyond Each lasting 30 mins – more details to come Private event for Techcelerate Community For SkilledUp Life community Sri Lankan Tech Startup Community American Tech Startup Communities Deal Lite – UK Tech Investments […]

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Factor Research Score

FactorResearch to replace expensive ETFs

I just caught up with Nicolas Rabener of Factor Research, who is the latest Tech Founder to join Techcelerate. This increases the number of FinTechs to 3, the other two being My Digital Accounts headed by John Whelan and RDVault headed by Shoayb Patel. For those who do not know, my very first tech startup […]

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Twilio SendGrid

Free Twilio and SendGrid credits for Techcelerate Companies

I am thrilled to report, Twilio which now owns SendGrid in addition to their own awesome product became a Product Partner of Techcelerate today.       Under the offer, Techcelerate Companies can now benefit from: 12 months of email credit worth up to ($849.95/month) which gives you access to the Pro Email API and the Advanced […]

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YC Startup School

Few channels you should consider

These days I am on two missions: help our tech companies become successful gain traction for SkilledUp Life (I built this for our tech companies and others), which I soft-launched on 1st August 2020.   I’m sharing everything I am doing to build SkilledUp Life with our Tech Founders so that they can use appropriate […]

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Trademark Tonic to strengthen trademark and copyrights of tech startups

A quick introduction to your company? Trademark Tonic provides a refreshing approach to trademark and design, protection and strategy; helping businesses to maximise the potential of their trademark and design assets. We are passionate about supporting tech startups with new or established trademarks and designs. Trademark Tonic Director, Kirsty Brummell, qualified as a Chartered UK […]

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