UK Tech Investment Data

In 2018, we captured over £5.5 billion tech investments in the UK. In Q1 2019, we have already captured over £3 billion investment data. We have been sharing this data through a weekly Deal News since June 2018. Deal Lite allows us to give you greater access to what we collect every day, 24/7.


Deal Lite is very much an evolving product. It's suitable for Suppliers targeting tech companies, Tech Companies maintaining their knowledge of the competitive landscape, and investors discovering potential new deal opportunities. For those thinking of raising investment, find out how founder equity dilutes over time, how much companies in your sector and stage are valuing their businesses and ideal business angels and investors to target.
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Access Investment Data Directly

Deal Lite is a lightweight investment data analysis tool designed for anyone who needs to keep up to date with UK investment landscape. Please note that we only track UK registered tech companies.
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We can provide tailor-made investment analysis to meet your specific needs, e.g.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Sector analysis
  • Regional analysis
  • Funding level analysis


What Techcelerate Network Members say about the weekly Deal News
It’s a great newsletter – just the right length. Worth subscribing to for anyone in tech.
Tim Hampson
Co-Founder & CEO at SalesSeek
This is both useful and interesting as a summary of what’s being invested in and from where the investment is coming from.
John Roberts
Founder & Chairman at Comvergent Group
Concise, informative, punchy. An excellent summary that’s extremely useful.
Marco Fiori
Account Director at Bamboo PR


From onboarding to getting the best out of Deal Lite.

Before We Start

Technology Platform

Techcelerate Deal Lite is built on top of UnifiedVU Platform (a product of UnifiedVU Ltd) which utilises the Livestax framework developed by Causeway Technologies Ltd.

Whilst you do not need to know about any of these to get the best out of Techcelerate Deal Lite, we may refer to some of the above from time to time, e.g. system emails will be generated by Livestax.

For all intent and purpose, treat UnifiedVU and Livestax as components of Techcelerate Deal Lite.

On Boarding

Login for the first time

Upon subscribing, an account on Techcelerate Deal Lite will be created for you. You will receive the above email from Livestax requesting you to change the password. Please check your spam folder if you do not see an email from [email protected] Please allow 24 hours for us to create your account.

Once you have changed the password and logged in successfully, please click on the top right hand to change your avatar.

Accessing Techcelerate Deal Lite

Watch out for the second email, which grants you access to Techcelerate Deal Lite on UnifiedVU Platform. If you log in a few minutes after receiving the first email, you may already be given access to Deal Lite. In this case, you can ignore this second email.

Familiarising with Techcelerate Deal Lite

Once you are on Techcelerate Deal Lite, you will see what is shown above. You are given access to 5 Apps. Each column is a single page web application and they are designed to interact with the adjacent Apps.

Using Techcelerate Deal Lite

Select Date Range from the leftmost App. For the time being, please select Last Month.

It will immediately display a number of Deals. Click on a Deal (e.g. Cog-Neuro Speech Therapy). This will fire up the second App which will display details of the Company.

Third App will automatically display the Funding history. Select a Funder on the third App, which will fire up the 4th App to display Investor details.

5th App will automatically display the portfolio of the Investor.

Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to move left and right if not all Apps are shown on your Screen.

You could also select Manchester based Hiring Hub from the first App to see their investment data.