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2019 January

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #31 (w/c 14th January 2019)

A total of £113.52 million was raised by 17 technology companies over the last 7 days (3rd week of 2019) including 3 companies from Manchester:

  1. Reading based Enterprise Software company Opsview, which makes it easier for system admins to do their jobs with an IT monitoring platform raised undisclosed Series A investment from SaaS Capital.
  2. London based EnergyTech company Bboxx, which designs, manufactures and distributes solar power systems raised £24.08 millionSeries E investment from African Infrastructure Investment Managers.
  3. Blyth based Telcom company Trench Networks, which develops a device that aggregates mobile phone signals from all major networks to achieve superfast broadband speeds raised £300k Seed investment from Mercia Technologies.
  4. London based Enterprise Software company Tessian, which prevents highly sensitive information being sent to wrong people raise £31.05 million Series C investment from Sequoia Capital.
  5. London based Analytics company Olvin, which powers beverages sector with analytics raised £1.56 million Seed investment from Brainchild Ventures and Thor Bjorgolfsson (Novator Partners chairman).
  6. Manchester based Dating company JigTalk, which mixes gamification with dating raised £780k Seed investment from Apadmi Ventures.
  7. Manchester based listed Enterprise software company Altitude Group, which provides SaaS and online personalisation solutions for the promotional products industry raised £9 million acquisition capital through a share placement on London Stock Exchange.
  8. London based SatellitesTech company Isotropic Systems, which develops satellite antenna for high throughput connectivity raised £10.89 million Series A investment from Space Angels and HorizonX.
  9. London based Enterprise Software company Avora, which offers business intelligence and machine learning as a service raised £5.04 million Series A investment from Albion Capital and Crane Venture Partners.
  10. London based Wellness company Manual, which improves the daily lives of men by encouraging men to take control of their happiness and health by speaking openly raised £4.95 million Seed investment from Felix Capital, Cherry Ventures and Cassius Capital.
  11. Bristol based CyberSecurity company Immersive Labs, which provides cyber skills learning platform raised £6.22 million Series A investment from Goldman Sachs.
  12. London based RetailTech company ZigZag Global, which manages returns through a portal raised undisclosed Series A investment Circularity Capital.
  13. London based MarTech company Cognism, which provides AI tools for extracting sales and recruitment leads from big data raised £2.8 millionSeries B investment from London Co-Investment Fund, Oliver Wyman, South Central Ventures and Newable Private Investing.
  14. London based FoodTech company SimplyCook, which provides recipe and ingredients delivery services raised £4.5 million Series A investment from Octopus Investments.
  15. London based IoT company QuadSAT, which offers drone-enabled antenna testing services raised £700k Seed investment from Danish Growth Fund, Seraphim Capital and existing investors.
  16. London based FinTech company Seldon Technologies, which offers open source machine learning for enterprises and businesses raised £6.65 million Seed investment from Amadeus Capital Partners, Techstars and Global Brain Corporation.
  17. Manchester based FinTech company AccessPay, which offers cloud based payment solutions and cash management products raised £9 million Series B investment from Beringea, True Ventures and Route 66 Ventures.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #30 (w/c 7th January 2019)

A total of £64.59 million was raised by 12 technology companies over the last 7 days (2nd week of 2019):

  1. Bristol based Robotics company Open Bionics, which creates affordable 3D-printed bionic hands for amputees, researchers and makers raised £4 million Series A investment from Ananda Impact Ventures, Foresight Group and Downing LLP.
  2. Orkney based EnergyTech company Orbital Marine Power, which develops cost-effective floating tidal stream turbines raised £7 millionSeries B investment from Abundance Investment.
  3. Bristol based AgriTech company LettUs Grow, which designs irrigation and control technology for indoor farms raised £1 million Seed investment from InnovateUK (grant), ClearlySo, Bethnal Green Ventures, University of Bristol Enterprise Fund II (managed by Parkwalk Advisors) and angel investors.
  4. Norwich based HealthTech company Chronomics, which unlocks the power of epigenetics for personalized healthcare raised £1.12 millionSeed investment from Anthemis Group, Laurence Garrett (Highland Europe) and SOSV.
  5. Manchester based FinTech company Jammtoday, which helps you find the right investment raised £300k Pre-Seed investment from GC Angels, Nova and Deepbridge Capital.
  6. London based AdTech company Smartology, which allows brands to engage with customers through contextually relevant content advertising raised £2.8 million Series A investment from Committed Capital.
  7. London based Enterprise Software company Scape Technologies, which is building a localization engine for city-scale augmented reality raised £6.27 million Seed investment from LocalGlobe, Mosaic Ventures, Fly Ventures and Entrepreneur First.
  8. Cambridge based Enterprise Software company GeoSpock, which brings contextual understanding to the everything connected world raised £10 million Series B investment from Cambridge Innovation Capital, Parkwalk Advisors, Global Brain, 31Ventures, KDDI Supership and Jonathan Milner.
  9. London based Blockchain company Parity Technologies, which develops solutions for enterprises and industries to unlock the full value of decentralised technology raised £3.89 million Series A investment from Ethereum Foundation.
  10. Oxford based HealthTech company Exscientia, which is applying AI and big data processing to accelerate drug discovery and development raised £20.21 million Series B investment from Celgene Corporation, GT Healthcare Capital Partners and Evotec AG.
  11. London based FinTech company Loot Financial Services, which offers a banking and money mangement app raised £2 million Series A Follow On from RBS.
  12. London based FoodTech company Mindful Chef, which provides healthy ingredients for cooking raised £6 million Series A investment from Piper Private Equity.



2018 December

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #29 (w/c 31st December 2018)

A total of £44.66 million was raised by 4 technology companies over the 1st week of 2019:

  1. Oxford based HealthTech company Exscientia, which applies AI and big data processing to accelerate drug discovery and development raised £20.65 million Series B investment from Celgene, Evotec AG and GT Healthcare.
  2. London based FoodTech company Gousto, which offers a recipe box with everything needed to cook up to four delicious meals every week raised £18 million Series E investment from Joe Wicks, Unilever Ventures, Hargreave Hale, BGF Ventures, MMC Ventures and Angel CoFund.
  3. Aberdeen based FinTech company Nexves, which plans to offer savings account on top of your current account raised £10k Incubator funding from Scottish Edge.
  4. Watford based IT Services company TIG, which provides IT managed services and cloud services raised £6 million Acquisition Capital from BGF.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #28 (w/c 24th December 2018)

A total of £44.66 million was raised by 4 technology companies over the 1st week of 2019:

  1. London based SaaS and BlockChain company Vakt Holdings, which offers a digital ecosystem for physical post-trade processing raised £4.33 million Seed investment from India based Reliance Industries.
  2. London based EdTech company Up Learn, which uses AI and neuroscience to ensure every student can achieve A* results at A Level, regardless of their background raised £2.5 million Seed investment from Forward Partners.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #27 (w/c 24th December 2018)

A total of £312.27 million was raised by 16 technology companies over the last 7 days taking the total investment of 2018 to £5.5bn:

  1. Norwich based SaaS company SupaPass, which makes market-leading subscription content apps affordable for businesses and influencers, raised £1.5 million from SyndicateRoom and business angels.
  2. London based LegalTech company Behavox, which leverages AI to help companies understand, analyze and interpret the attitudes and actions taking place within their walls raised £55.35 million Series C investment from undisclosed investors.
  3. Manchester based hosting company UKFast, which provides business-to-business hosting services raised undisclosed pre-IPO investment from Inflexion Private Equity.
  4. Bristol based Robotics company ‌Graphcore, which develops cloud software for intelligent processing units raised £158 million Series D investment from Atomico, Microsoft, BMW i Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and Merian Global Investors.
  5. Oxford based TransportTech company Sigmavision, which provides tyre measurement products and technologies raised £1 million Seed investment from Midlands Engine Investment Fund.
  6. London based TransportTech company QuipUp, which offers on demand fleet of couriers you can tap into and a platform to help you manage and automate your orders raised £5 million Series B Follow On investment from undisclosed investors.
  7. Manchester based MedTech company Genedrive, which focuses on innovative diagnostic tools and pharmacogenomics raised £6 million through a share placing which included £3.5m from BGF.
  8. Newcastle based Changing Health, which provides digital education with lifestyle coaching to aid weight loss and prevent Type 2 diabetes raised £3 million Series A investment from Northstar Ventures, SHIFT Invest and Tate & Lyle Ventures.
  9. Cambridge based HealthTech company PetaGene, which decreases the size of genomic data, reducing storage costs and data transfer times raised £1.62 million Series A investment from Greylock Partners and Romulus Capital.
  10. London based FinTech company Totally Money, which offers comparison tools for financial products raised £29 million Series C investment from Scottish Equity Partners and Elliott Management.
  11. Edinburgh based FinTech company Orca Money, which acts like a fund of funds, bringing together various peer-to-peer lenders on one platform raised £570k Crowdfunding investment on Seedrs.
  12. London based FinTech company B-Social, which offers a social finance app and beta debit Mastercard raised £3.2 million Seed investment from Angel investors.
  13. London based FinTech company Blend Network, which offers a peer-to-peer property lending marketplace that connects lenders directly with borrowers raised £10 million Seed investment from Cyrus Ardalan, Maurice Levy, Jean-Phillipe Blochet and Brevan Howard.
  14. London based SaaS company Flux Systems, which provides a software platform that keeps track of payment receipts by automatically linking them to payment cards raised £5.93 million Series A investment from, PROfounders Capital and Anthemis Exponential Ventures.
  15. London based SaaS company Egress Software Technologies, which offers email and data encryption solutions for small, mid and enterprise environments raised £31.6 million Series C investment from Albion Capital and FTV Capital.
  16. Newcastle based SaaS company Notify Technology, which offers health and safety software for near-miss reporting, accident management and audits and inspections raised £500k Seed investment from Mercia Fund Management and North-East Venture.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #26 (w/c 10th December 2018)

A total of £65.49 million was raised by 14 technology companies over the last 7 days taking the total investment of 2018 to £5.191bn.

  1. Newcastle based EventsTech company PopTopUK, which provides an event planning concierge service raised £620k Seed investment from 30 angel investors including Rod Bulmer.
  2. Lodon based FinTech company Sovren Securities, which offers commission free investment platform built on Blockchain and AI technologies raised £950k Seed investment from NextGenVest and Chaintech Technology Corporation.
  3. London based Fintech company Goldex, which offers the ability to invest in gold via its mobile app raised £1 million Pre-Series A investment from Prepaid Financial Services; Gaël de Boissard, Richard Balarkas and Craig James.
  4. London based Fintech company TransferGo, which offers a money transfer service raised £6.52 million Series B Follow On via Vostok Emerging Finance, Hard Yaka, Revo Capital, U-Start Club and Practica Capital and £658k from Seedrs.
  5. London based Enterprise Software company Synthace, which provides biologists ability to control lab hardware via a software platform raised £20.34 million Series B investment from Horizons Ventures and SOSV.
  6. London based Enterprise Software company Location Sciences Group, which combines mobile location data with proprietary machine learning analytics to create insights raised £3.36 million through a share placement on AIM through two rounds.
  7. London based Enterprise Software company Privitar, which allows businesses to collect data while preserving their privacy raised undisclosed Series A Follow On investment from Citi.
  8. London based HealthTech company The GP Service, which provids online services for general medical consultations and prescriptions raised £1 million Series A investment from Maven Capital Partners.
  9. Cardiff based MedTech company MedaPhor, which provides ultrasound software and simulation technologies raised £5.8 million investment through a share placement on AIM.
  10. Slough based SecurityTech company IDefigo, which provides IoT surveillance solutions raised £1.5 million Series A investment from Ascension Ventures and Unicorn Ascension Fund.
  11. London based PropTech company AskPorter, which provides AI driven property management platform raised undisclosed Seed investment from Google Assistant Ventures.
  12. London based EnergyTech company BuffaloGrid, which provides mobile power and internet for the off-grid world raised £3.4 million Series A investment from European Commission and LocalGlobe.
  13. Milton based ManufactureTech company WaveOptics, which provides optical waveguide technology and modules for AR displays raised £20 million Series C investment from Gobi Partners, Octopus Ventures, Goertek and Optimas Capital.
  14. Leeds based EdTech company Vet AI, which is developing solutions tol reshape animal health industries raised £1 million Seed investment from Robert Dawson, Lupton Fawcett and Elmwood.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #25 (w/c 3rd December 2018)

A total of £363.12 million was raised by 17 UK technology companies over the last 7 days taking the total investment in 2018 above £5bn:

  1. Manchester based  FinTech  company AJ Bell, which provides online investment platforms and stockbroker services raised £169.3 million through an IPO valuing the company at £651 million.
  2. London based  FinTech  bank Monzo, which provides current accounts for consumers raised £20 million Crowdfunding investment via CrowdCube.
  3. London based  FinTech  bank Coconut, which offers a current account for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses just raised £1.84 million Crowdfunding investment on CrowdCube.
  4. London based SocialMedia company Jungle Creations, which creates digital and social media content for brands raised £3 million Series A investment from Edge Investments.
  5. London based SocialMedia company Otro Club, which offers a soccer-centric digital platform counting the likes of Lionel Messi and David Beckham raised £50 million Series A investment from 23 Capital.
  6. Sunderland based BatteryTech company ‌Hyperdrive Innovation, which provides battery energy storage systems for electric and hybrid vehicles raised £6.7 million Series B investment from Rivers Capital Partners and Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners.
  7. London based Blockchain company Trustology, which offers digital asset key safeguarding for individuals and businesses raised £6.28 million Seed investment from Two Sigma Ventures and ConsenSys Ventures.
  8. London based PropTech company British Pearl, which offers a property Investment Platform raised £2.09 million Crowdfunding investment on Seedrs.
  9. London based MedTech company Lightpoint Medical, which improves health outcomes for cancer patients through molecular imaging-guided surgery raised £5 million Series A investment from Oxford Technology Management, Cambridge Capital, SyndicateRoom, Venture Founders and Envestors.
  10. Cambridge based HealthTech company, which offers an advanced analytics platform raised £1 million Seed investment from undisclosed investors.
  11. London based  HealthTech  company Lumeon, which offers care pathway management solutions raised £21.99 million Series C investment from Amadeus Capital Partners, LSP Life Sciences Partners, Gilde IT Fund, IPF Partners and MedTech Innovation Partners.
  12. Cambridge based  HealthTech  company Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (Bios), which is developing a medical device that uses advanced bioengineering and monitoring technologies raised £3.53 million Seed investment from K5 Ventures, Real Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Ariel Poler, Endure Capital, Charles Songhurst and Heuristic Capital.
  13. London based MarketPlace company Cazoo, which allows customers to buy, rent or finance a used car and have it delivered to them within 48 hours raised £30 million Seed investment from Octopus Ventures, Stride.VC and Dmg Ventures.
  14. London based Enterprise Software company Custom Materials (t/a Moteefe), which enables custom clothing and merchandise to be sold via social media raised undisclosed Series A investment from Unicorn Ascension Fund, Ascension Ventures, Livingbridge and FOMCAP.
  15. London based MarketPlace company Floom, which allows florists to sell their creations direct to customers raised £2 million Seed investment from The Hut Group, Firstminute capital, Tom Singh, Pembroke VCT, Wing Chan and Carlos Morgado.
  16. Bristol based Enterprise Software company Ultrahaptics, which offers application software development, technology consulting, and IT infrastructure services raised £35 million Series C investment from Woodford Investment Management, IP Group PLC, Dolby Family Ventures, Mayfair Equity Partners, Cornes and Hostplus.
  17. Nottingham based TransportTech company GeoSLAM, which designs and manufactures 3D geospatial technology solutions raised £5.4 millionfor acquisitions funded by Clydesdale Bank PLC (£4m) and Frontier Development Capital (£1.4m).



2018 November

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #24 (w/c 26th November 2018)

A total of £55.40 million was raised by 11 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.764 billion in 2018):

  1. London based Blockchain company Aztech Protocol, which offers an efficient zero-knowledge privacy protocol and decentralised exchange raised £1.65 million Seed investment from Entrepreneur First, Consensus Systems (ConsenSys), Samos Investments, Charlie Songhurst and MOV37.
  2. Harrogate based EdTech company Intuitive Learning, which offers employee engagement and retained knowledge solution raised undisclosed Seed investment from Andrew Cope.
  3. London based EdTech company Tech Will Save Us, which seeks to get kids excited about technology through ‘hackable’ toys raised £5.3 millionSeries A investment from Initial Capital, Chris Lee, Jonathan Howell, New Leaf Venture Partners, UnLtd, SaatchInvest, Backed VC, Martin McCourt and AllBright.
  4. Redditch based Enterprise Software company Unique IQ, which provides software to the health, social care and cleaning sectors raised undisclosed Seed investment from Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF).
  5. Wirral based MediaTech company Evoke Creative, which designs and manufactures digital display technologies raised £6 million Series A investment from BGF.
  6. London based  FinTech  company Tandem, which offers full-service digital banking services raised £15 million Series C investment from Convoy Global Holdings.
  7. London based  FinTech  company CityFalcon, which leverage crowd-sourced, crowd-curated, real-time news to increase trading and investing returns raised £290k Crowdfunding on Seedrs.
  8. London based FoodTech company Dinabite, which finds you incredible offers, from the best restaurants, near you raised £200k Seed Investment from FG Angels.
  9. London based RecruitTech company Neotas, which provides due diligence services using open source intelligence raised £980k Seed investment from Force Over Mass Capital and Symvan Capital.
  10. Wickford based WellnessTech company KetoDiet, which offers a low-carb diet app raised £1.96 million Seed investment from Floodgate, Abstract Ventures, Craft Ventures and Hydra Ventures.
  11. Cambridge based MedTech company Fluidic Analytics, which enhances the understanding of diseases through its protein characterisation platform raised £24.2 Series C investment from Amadeus Capital Partners, Draper Esprit, Business Growth Fund, IQ Capital, Delin Ventures.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #23 (w/c 19th November 2018)

A total of £72.74 million was raised by 14 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.708 billion in 2018):

  1. London based EventsTech company VenueScanner, which provides an events marketplace raised £1m Seed investment from Phil Burks and Tom Singh.
  2. London based Enterprise Software company Wluper, which provides conversational intelligence for transportation and navigation raised £1.01 million Seed investment from Seedcamp, IQ Capital and Dr. Zehan Wang.
  3. Abercynon based MedTech company Thermetrix, which designs and manufactures hardware and software for devices in personal healthcare raised £500k Seed investment from Development Bank of Wales.
  4. London based MediaTech company PSY Ventures, which offers media networks in the spirituality niche raised £400k Seed from undisclosed investors.
  5. Cardiff based EdTech company Careercake, which helps you take on, rise to and beat the challenges you’ll face in your career raised £300kSeed investment from Development Bank of Wales.
  6. London based RecruitTech company Workable, which offers recruiting software for SMEs raised £38.99 million Series D investment from Balderton Capital, Zouk Capital, Notion Capital, 83North, TriplePoint Capital and Endeavor Catalyst.
  7. Sunderland based RecruitTech company Technically Compatible, which offers IT skills testing tool raised £500k Seed investment from Mercia Fund Management.
  8. Newton Abbot based TransportTech company Lightfoot, which provides engine analytics to help you drive in the ‘sweet-spot’ raised £3.2 millionSeries A investment from Business Growth Fund.
  9. Oxford based TravelTech company Animal Dynamics, which offers super-efficient systems inspired by the deep study of evolutionary biomechanics raised £6 million Series A investment from Kindred Capital, Oxford Sciences Innovation and Tanarra.
  10. London based FoodTech company ‌Feedr, which offers an online marketplace for food vendors to produce and supply meals for the workplace raised £2 million Seed investment from Brent Hoberman, Episode 1 Ventures, David Pritchard, Errol Damelin and Richard Glynn.
  11. London based  FinTech  company Form 3, which offers a payment processor for regulated financial institutions raised £10.14 million Series B investment from Barclays, Draper Esprit and Angel CoFund.
  12. London based  FinTech  company Chip, which automatically save for consumers raised £4.08 million Crowdfunding from CrowdCube.
  13. London based FinTech company Banked, offers banking for young people that engenders healthy financial habits and rewards physical activity raised £1.5 million Seed investment from Backed VC.
  14. London based  FinTech  company Argent Labs, which offers a simple, decentralised Ethereum wallet raised £3.12 million Series A investment from Creandum, Hummingbird Ventures, Index Ventures, Mattias Ljungman and Firstminute capital.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #22 (w/c 12th November 2018)

A total of £184.82 million was raised by 20 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.63 billion in 2018):

  1. London (started in Manchester) based MarketPlace Perfocal, which provides hand-picked events photographers on-demand raised £500k Seed investment from Fuel Ventures.
  2. St.Helens (North West) based MedTech company Inovus Medical, which design and manufacture medical and surgical simulators raised £700k Seed investment from Mercia Fund Managers.
  3. Dundee (Scotland) based Enterprise Software company Kumulos, which offers a management platform for mobile app development companies raised £750k Seed investment from Scottish Investment Bank and Mercia Fund Management.
  4. Port Talbot based MarketPlace company Motokiki, which compares the prices of hundreds of tyre makes raised £3 million Series A investment from Maven Capital Partners and Development Bank of Wales.
  5. London based FinTech company Pelican, which offers a social trading app that connects the world’s brokers and their clients is currently closing a £410k Crowdfunding investment on Seedrs.
  6. London based FinTech company Traydstream, which reduces costs, complexities and timescales of trade processing by automating document scrutiny and compliance checks raised £2.73 million Pre-Series A from Gauss Ventures and Angels.
  7. London based FinTech company Genesis, which provides a range of capital markets products raised £2.34 million Series A investment from Illuminate Financial and Tribeca Angels.
  8. London based PropTech company Brickowner, which provides a property investment platform for asset managers to onboard and manage their investors is currently closing a £220k Crowdfunding investment on Seedrs.
  9. London based PetTech company Felcana, which uses the latest digital technology to help predict, simplify and treat pet health problems is currently closing a £240k Crowdfunding investment on Seedrs.
  10. London based EventTech company Festicket, which provides fans of live music a unique online service to book a full package for next festival trip raised £8.27 million Series D investment from Lepe Partners, U-Start, Beringea, Channel 4, InMotion ventures and Eelko Van Kooten.
  11. London based InsureTech company Anorak, which makes life insurance more accessible raised £5 million Series A investment from Kamet Ventures.
  12. London based MusicTech company Pirates Studios, which operates fully automated rehearsal and recording studios raised £15.58 million Series A from Talis Capital.
  13. London based MarketPlace company Headbox, which provides a platform for inspiring meeting, offsite and event spaces raised £4 millionSeries A from Guinness Asset Management.
  14. London based VR/AR company Admix, which helps developers to generate revenue from their content through programmatic advertising raised £1.64 Seed investment from Speedinvest, Force Over Mass Capital and Founders Factory.
  15. London based FashionTech company Thedrop, which offers a mobile-first platform enabling the future of on-demand fashion raised £500k Seed investment from Sir John Hegarty and Paddy Byng.
  16. London based MarTech and Enterprise Software company Mercaux,which increases customer loyalty, conversion and basket size raised £3.5 million Series A investment from Nauta Capital.
  17. London based Enterprise Software company Fluidly, which helps small firms gain better control of their forecasting and cashflow management raised £5 million Series A investment from Anthemis Group, Nyca Partners, Simon Murdoch, Octopus Ventures and Charlie Songhurst.
  18. London based FashionTech company Intelistyle, which uses AI to provide instant personalised styling recommendations raised £440k Seed investment from Metavallon VC.
  19. London based FinTech company Starling Bank, which offers digital, mobile-only challenger bank raised £10 million Series D investment from Harald McPike.
  20. London based PropTech company Nested, which provides a cash advance on the value of the property enabling customers to become cash buyers raised £120 million Series D investment from Northzone and Balderton Capital (£20m) and institutional investor (£100m debt).



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #21 (w/c 5th November 2018)

A total of £103.17 million was raised by 22 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.44 billion in 2018):

  1. Manchester based MarTech and Blockchain company Bidooh, which offers digital advertising platform, making outdoor advertising available to everyone raised £3.84 million Seed investment via pre-ICO from OKEx Exchange, OK Blockchain Capital and Buzz Capital.
  2. Newcastle based Enterprise Software company Partnerize (previously known as Performance Horizon), which provides a partner marketing platform raised £6.97 million Series D from GP Bullhound.
  3. Edinburgh based Enterprise Software company Cyan Forensics, which cuts the time it takes Police to examine consumer devices raised £1 million Seed investment from Mercia Fund Management.
  4. Exeter based FinTech company Crowdcube, which offers the popular crowdfunding platform for small companies and startups raised £8.5 million Series E investment from Balderton Capital and Draper Esprit.
  5. North Wales based Enterprise Software company Cimteq, which offers cable design and manufacturing software solutions raised £2.5 millionSeries A from Foresight Group.
  6. London based Enterprise Software company Tenzo, which offers actionable business insights for restaurants and retail raised £1.4 millionSeries A investment from Force Over Mass Capital, Acequia Capital and S28 Capital.
  7. London based  HealthTech  company DocNoc, which offers a marketplace where GP’s and specialists offer their services through video calls, home visits or in clinics raised £333k Crowdfunding from CrowdCube.
  8. London based  HealthTech  company Birdie, which leverage IoT devices to ensure optimal medical and non-medical care has raised £6.13 millionSeries A investment from AXA Insurance Group.
  9. London based  HealthTech  company Renalytix AI, which develops AI enabled clinical diagnostic solutions for kidney disease raised £22.3 million through an IPO on LSE AIM.
  10. London based FinTech company Jaja Finance, which offers a mobile app based digital credit card has raised £3.18 million crowdfunding through Seedrs.
  11. London based FinTech company Portify, which is building the infrastructure for the future of work raised £1.3 million Seed investment from Entrepreneur First and Kindred Capital.
  12. London based FinTech company Zopa, which offers a peer-to-peer lending platform raised £16 million to take it’s Series F investment to £60 million assumed to have raised from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Augmentum Capital, Northzone and Wadhawan Global Capital.
  13. London based FinTech company ShareGain, which open up the global securities lending market to individual investors raised £9.2 million Series C investment from Blumberg Capital, Target Global, Rhodium and Maverick Ventures.
  14. London based FinTech company Abundance Investment, which offers a direct investment platform giving people control over their money raised £1.34 million Crowdfunding from Seedrs.
  15. London based FinTech company Paddle, which provides a checkout, e-commerce, marketing and analytics platform for software developers raised £6.23 million Series C from Notion Capital, Business Growth Fund and Kindred Capital.
  16. London based PropTech company Home Made, which operates a hybrid model to typical lettings agency raised £2 million Series A investment from VentureFriends.
  17. London based EdTech company Kukua, which empowers children towards literacy through mobile app games has raised £1.95 million Seed investment from Kima Ventures, Burda Principal Investments, Firstminute capital and EchoVC.
  18. London based EdTech company EduMe, which offers most engaging and effective way to train your workforce or partners online raised £1.4 million Seed investment from Connect Ventures.
  19. London based RecruitTech company Hirextra, which offers crowd staffing solution has raised £2.5 million Seed investment from TGC.
  20. London based InsureTech company Yulife, which brings together life insurance, wellbeing and rewards in one simple app raised £3 millionSeed investment from Anthemis Group, OurCrowd and LocalGlobe.
  21. London based eCommerce company Fenton & Co, which leverages technology offering luxury engagement rings has raised £850,000 Seed investment from London Co-Investment Fund and Mustard Seed.
  22. London based MarTech company, which offers AI marketing analytics raised £1.25 million Seed investment from Partech, Sophia Bendz and Nicolas Pinto.


2018 October

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #20 (w/c 29nd October 2018)

A total of £121.75 million was raised by 11 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.336 billion in 2018):

  1. Newcastle based Price Comparison company Troo, which provides energy price comparison for businesses raised £500k Seed investment from North East Venture Fund managed by Mercia Fund Managers.
  2. Newport based Enterprise Software company W2 Global Data Solutions, which provides data and information services raised £3 millionSeries B equity and venture debt investment from Mercia Fund Management, Development Bank of Wales.
  3. London based SaaS company Vizolution, which provides remote Face2Face solutions raised £10 million venture debt investment from Santander, RBS and HSBC.
  4. London based FinTech bank Monzo, which is one of the first digital banks to be established in the UK for consumers raised £85 million Series E investment to become the latest unicorn from General Catalyst, Accel, Passion Capital, Goodwater, Thrive Capital, Orange Digital Ventures and Stripe.
  5. London based FinTech bank MoneeMint, which offers socially responsible digital banking raised undisclosed seed investment from Ground1 Ventures.
  6. London based rapidly evolving AI platform company CognitionX, which is becoming the UK’s authority for AI through research and talent raised £850k Seed follow-on investment from The CXO Fund and Unilever Ventures.
  7. London based FoodTech company Pasta Evangelists, which offers fresh pasta meal delivery service in London raised £1.7 million Seed investment from Guinness Asset Management, Martin Mignot and Nicholas Hassall.
  8. London based EdTech MarketPlace company Fluentify, which allow you to learn a new language by finding a native tutor raised £1.5 million Series A from Stefano Marsaglia.
  9. London based TravelTech MarketPlace company HiyaCar, which offers an easy way to hire cars from people just like you raised £5 million Series A investment from ITOCHU (Japan).
  10. London based VR and HealthTech company FundamentalVR, which offers training, simulation and education using virtual and mixed reality in the medical and communications markets raised £1.1 million Seed investment from Tern PLC.
  11. London based AdTech company LoopMe, which offers mobile-first video advertising platform, using mobile data and AI to improve brand experience raised £13.1 million Series C investment from BGF, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Harbert European Growth Capital, Open Ocean and Impulse VC.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #19 (w/c 22nd October 2018)

A total of £71.5 million was raised by 11 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.24 billion in 2018)

  1. Edinburgh based FamTech (Family Tech) company Kindaba, which provides a visual intelligent messenger for family and close friends raised undisclosed Seed investment from Gareth Williams (Skyscanner co-founder).
  2. London based InsureTech company Azur Group, which provides insurance underwriting services for brokers and their clients raised £13.3 million Series B investement from American International Group, Hyperion Insurance Group and Richard Little.
  3. Helston (Cornwall) based Internet Service Provider (ISP) Wildanet, which offers fast Internet for rural areas raised £1.02 million crowdfunding from Crowdcube.
  4. Brighton based enterprise software company Futrli, whch provides dashboards for cash flow forecasting and business planning raised £4 million Series A from, Notion Capital, and Firstminute capital.
  5. London based enterprise software company Klydo, which helps consumer brands accelerate their product innovation raised £1 million Seed from Episode 1, True and William Tunstall-Pedoe.
  6. London based MarketPlace company TrustedHousesitters, which enables people to find trusted home sitters for pets raised undisclosed growth investment from Rockpool.
  7. London based FinTech Yoyo Wallet, which provides mobile payment and loyalty app allowing retailers to better target their customers has signed up a strategic partnership valued at £23.38 million from Hard Yaka.
  8. London based MedTech company Raremark, which helps patients and families make informed choices about care raised £3 million Series A from AlbionVC, Ananda Ventures, Oltre Venture and Cass Entrepreneurship Fund.
  9. Leeds based MarTech company Crisp Thinking Group, which helps protect brand reputations with a managed service raised £19 million growth capital from Baird Capital.
  10. London based RecruitTech company Hackajob, which helps tech talent and great jobs find each other raised £5 million Series A from AXA Venture Partuners, Downing Ventures and Dragos Nicolaescu.
  11. London based RecruitTech company Rota, which helps discover flexible hospitality work on-demand raised £1.8 million Series A from undisclosed investors.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #18 (w/c 15th October 2018)

A total of £118.62 million was raised by 14 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.17 billion in 2018):

  1. Manchester based eCommerceTech company Miribase, which provides integrated website and online shop solutions for SMEs has raised £300kPre-Seed investment from Dow Schofield Watts Angels (25 angel investors).
  2. Daresbury based RecruitTech company CiiVSOFT, which automates recruiting tasks and related business processes raised undisclosedamount from Merseyside Special Investment Fund.
  3. Cramlington based EnergyTech company Boiler Plan, which makes getting a new boiler hassle-free and affordable raised £2.20 million Seed investment from Maven Capital Partners.
  4. Cambridge based HealthTech company Triumph Research Intelligence, which provides risk based monitoring solutions for clinical trials raised undisclosed amount from Octopus Investments.
  5. Maidenhead based IT Services company HeleCloud, which enables enterprise cloud benefits on the AWS platform raised £2 million Series A investment from BGF.
  6. London based FinTech company WiseAlpha, which gives it’s members the opportunity to earn attractive returns by investing in corporate loans has surpassed crowdfunding target on Crowdcube. Currently at £1.80 million and rising.
  7. London based MarketPlace company ‌Sewport, which find clothing manufacturers for your brand has raised £650k Seed investment from Fuel Ventures.
  8. London based Fintech company Credit Benchmark, which aggregates credit risk estimates to create a consensus view raised £5.36 millionSeries C investment from Balderton Capital, Index Ventures and Communitas Asset Management.
  9. London based MarketPlace company Under the Door Mat, which manages Londoners’ homes when they go away, earning them money and giving guests an authentic experience is raising crowdfunding from Seedrs has surpassed £200k within few days.
  10. London based RecruitTech company Be Applied, which offers behavioural science to remove bias and improve predictive validity in hiring has raised £1.5 million Seed investment from Blackbird Ventures, Skip Capital, Angel Academe, Giant Leap, Impact Generation Partners and angel investors.
  11. London based FashionTech company Thread, which helps stylists to find clothes you’ll love raised £16.68 million Series B investment from Balderton Capital, Forward Partners, Beringea, H&M and Sebastian Picardo.
  12. London based FinTech company Adhara, which offer liquidity management and international payments raised £11.38 million Series A from ConsenSys Ventures.
  13. London based SecurityTech company Garrison, which provides cybersecurity solutions raised £22.7 million Series B from Dawn Capital, IP Group, BGF and NM Capital.
  14. London based Telecom company Truphone, which provide mobile international calls via GSM and VoIP technology raised £53.8 millionSeries E from Vollin Holdings and Minden Worldwide.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #17 (w/c 8th October 2018)

A total of £54.03 million was raised by 9 technology companies over the last 7 days (£4.052 billion in 2018):

  1. Basingstoke based FinTech company Duologi, which offers point-of-sale consumer finance solutions raised £20 million lending capital from Paragon Banking Group.
  2. Oxford based Covatic, which helps you to deliver the content your viewers want, exactly when they want it raised £850k Seed investment from MEIF Proof of Concept and Early Stage Fund.
  3. Edinburgh based SpeechTech company Speech Graphics, which provides revolutionary procedural facial animation raised £2 million Series A investment from the Scottish Investment Bank, Par Equity and Archangels.
  4. Birmingham based MarTech company Voxpopme, which provides videos for market research and customer feedback raised £1.5 million Series A investment from Mercia Technologies.
  5. Loughborough based SaaS company Accrosoft, which offers business software raised £2.5 million Series A investment from Foresight Group.
  6. West Yorkshire based TransportTech company Fleetondemand, which makes it easier to management fleets raised £5 million Series A investment from BGF.
  7. London based FinTech company Clearmatics, which offers virtual clearing machines for financial OTC markets raised £9.08 million Series A investment from Route 66 Ventures, XTX Markets and TNF Capita.
  8. London based MarketPlace company Smith Globa (Mr & Mrs Smith), which helps to find and book hotels raised £6.1 million crowdfunding via Crowdcube.
  9. London based PropTech company Good Lord, which makes renting simple, accessible and transparent for letting agents, tenants and landlords raised £7 million Series B investment from Finch Capital, Rocket Internet and Global Founders Capital.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #16 (w/c 1st October 2018)

A total of £76.90 million was raised by 16 technology companies over the last 7 days (£3.94 billion in 2018):

  1. Altrincham based LegalTech company Slicedbread, which provides legal case management Software raised £1 million Series A investment from Sussex Place Ventures.
  2. Birmingham based EdTech company Fluence World, which develops new methods of teaching and learning raised £150k Pre-Seed investment from Bristol Private Equity Club.
  3. Milton Keynes based eCommerce Software company Expandly, which allows retailers to sell across multiple channels worldwide raised £580kSeed investment from Mercia Fund Management.
  4. Farnborough based FinTech company goHenry, which provides a smart approach to pocket money for children raised £5.23 million Crowdfunding from Crowdcube.
  5. Cambridge based MedTech company Owlstone Medical, which produces a breathalyzer for diagnosing diseases raised £26.67 millionSeries C investment from Horizons Ventures, Foxconn Technology Group, Aviva and Ventura Capital.
  6. Hungerford based TransportTech company Ticketer, which offers bus ticketing technology solutions raised an undisclosed private equity investment from Tenzing for a Management Buy Out (MBO).
  7. Telford based RetailTech company Robound, which offers returns management for online clothing retailers raised undisclosed sum from BGF.
  8. Oxford based Business Software company Preservica, which changes the way organisations future-proof and access critical long-term digital information raised £7.62 million Series B investment from Mobeus Equity Partners.
  9. London based FinTech company Smaterly, which offers a simpler way to take control of your future from just £50 per month or a £100 lump sum raised £1.47 million crowdfunding from Seedrs.
  10. London based LegalTech company Legatics, which offers an end-to-end deal platform focused on efficiency and client experience raised £500kSeed angel investment.
  11. London based HealthTech company Forward Health, which empowers health and care teams to spend more time with their patients raised £3.05 million Seed from Albion Capital, Stride.VC, Jay Desai and Melissa Morris.
  12. London based LegalTech company Lexoo, which lets businesses easily source and compare quotes and lets lawyers post offers raised £3.35 million Series B investment from Earlybird Venture Capital, Forward Partners and Ned Staple.
  13. London based LegalTech company Arachnys, which assess financial risk and compliance raised £7.62 million Series A investment form QED Investors.
  14. London based InsureTech company Hokodo, which delivers insurance solutions through APIs raised £1.67 million Seed investment from Anthemis Group.
  15. London based HealthTech company Locum’s Nest, which connects doctors to locum work in hospitals raised £3 million Series A investment from Albion Capital.
  16. London based eCommerce company Bloom & Wild, which offers flower and gift delivery service raised £15 million Series C investment from MMC Ventures, Scott Sage, Samos Investments, Burda Principal Investments, Catamaran Ventures and Piper Private Equity.



2018 September

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #15 (w/c 24th September 2018)

A total of £415.86 million was raised by 12 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Ipswich based EnergyTech company EO Charging, which designs and manufactures smart electric vehicle chargers for home, work and destination raised £13 million Series A from Zouk Capital.
  2. London based LegalTech company Farillio, which easily manage legal documents for your business raised £650,000 Seed investment from business angel Stanley Fink.
  3. Hampshire based HealthTech company Ingenica Solutions, which aims to improve back-office efficiencies in the healthcare space raised £4 million Series A from CJM Ventures.
  4. London based Robotics company SLAMCore, which provides localisation and mapping algorithms for AR/VR systems, mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles raised £3.84 million Series A from Amedeus Capital, Mirai Creation Fund, Toyota AI Ventures, MMC Ventures and Octopus Ventures.
  5. London based Robotics company Softomotive, which provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products and services and trusted by more than 7.000 companies worldwide raised £19.19 million Series A investment from Grafton Capital.
  6. London based FinTech company Funding Circle, which privides peer-to-peer business loans raised £300 million through their IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
  7. London based EnergyTech company ‌Hometree, which provides radical personal control of home energy consumption raised £6.9 million Series C investment from DN Capital, LocalGlobe, Jon Moulton, Literacy Capital and AV8 Ventures.
  8. Cambridge based CyberSecurity company DarkTrace, which provides enterprise immune system for cyber security raised £38.33 million Series E from KKR, Vitruvian Partners and TenEleven Ventures.
  9. London based Blockchain company Gospel Technology, which provides a secure data sharing platform to businesses raised £5 million Series A from IA Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.
  10. London based OpenSource company Snyk, which enables users to detect, fix and prevent known vulnerabilities in third-party code modules raised £16.8 million Series B investment from Accel.
  11. London based InsureTech company Concirrus, which organises the Internet of Things to help customers create, improve and disrupt business models Worldwide raised £5 million Series A investment from IQ Capital and Eos Venture Partners.
  12. London based TransportTech company ZenCargo which offer digital freight forwarding solutions raised £3.07 million Seed investment from LocalGlobe, Samos Investments and Picus Capital to boost its product development and build a presence in China.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #14 (w/c 17th September 2018)

A total of £142.91 million was raised by 16 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Manchester based HealthTech company Biorelate, which makes it easy to analyse scientific trends and connections has raised £700k Seed investment from Maven (£200k), Manchester Tech Trust (£350k) and Catapult Ventures (£150k).  
  2. Kidlington based InsureTech company Setoo, which offers insurance and protection as a service raised £7.12 million Series A from Kamet Ventures.
  3. Oxford based HealthTech company Oxford VR, which transform mental health for millions with state-of-the-art immersive technology raised £3.2 million Series A from Oxford Sciences Innovation, University of Oxford, Force Over Mass, RT Capital and GT Healthcare Capital Partners.
  4. Oxford based Autonomous vehicles company Oxbotica raised £14 million Series A from IP Group, Parkwalk Advisors and AXA XL to accelerate the deployment of self-driving vehicles.
  5. Brighton based EdTech company Learning People, which provides online training in IT, coding and digital marketing raised £1.91 million Series A investment from Talis Capital for its geographical expansion.
  6. London based FinTech company and Techcelerate Partner Funding Options raised £5 million Series B investment from ING Ventures.
  7. London based FinTech company ‌Divido, which offers instalment payment solutions for e-commerce sites and offline merchants raised £11.4 million Series A from Dawn Capital, DN Capital, Initial Capital, MasterCard and American Express Ventures.
  8. London based Fintech company Cleo, which offers a digital assistant for consumers to manage their finances has raised £7.66 million Series A investment from Balderton, LocalGlobe, Niklas Zennstrom, Taavet Hinrikus and Simon Franks.
  9. London based FinTech company Modulr, which provides bank accounts for business payments raised £10.5 million Series A investment from Blenheim Chalcot.
  10. London based FinTech and PropTech company MortgageGym, which provides aregulated mortgage robo-adviser raised £3.8 million Series A from LSL Property Services and GoCompare Group.
  11. London based FinTech and PropTech company LendInvest, which offers P2P online mortgage lending platform raised £30.5 million Series C investment from Atomico, GP Bullhound and Tiger Management.
  12. London based RetailTech company Primary Bid, which allows retail investors to gain access to discounted equity offerings of publicly listed companies has raised £2 million Seed investment from Lombard Odier, family offices and business Angels to expand in Europe.
  13. London based MealDelivery tech company Allplants raised £7.5 million Series A investment from Octopus Ventures, Felix Capital, VerlInvest, Jack Harries, David Milner and Simon Nixon to help fuel the plant-based movement forward.
  14. London based MarketPlace company Rated People, which helps to connect homeowners with tradespeople raised £5.2 million Series C investment from Downing Ventures and Channel 4.
  15. London based InsureTech company Shepper, which carries out on-demand inspections on assets raised £4.13 million Series A investment from Aviva Ventures, Idekapital Fund and Angel investors to boost product development and international marketing efforts.
  16. London based ARTech company Blippar, which offers software for augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision raised £28.2 million Series E from Qualcomm Ventures and Candy Ventures.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #13 (w/c 10th September 2018)

A total of £61.72 million was raised by 11 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Bolton based PriceComparison Tech company Love Energy Savingsraised £25 million growth capital from LDC with partial exit for NVM Private Equity.
  2. Cambridge based VoiceTech company AudioTelligence, which source separation technologies to improve speech recognition in noisy environments raised £3.1 million Seed investment from Cambridge Innovation Capital and Cambridge Enterprise.
  3. London based MarketPlace WhiteHat, which matches non-graduate talent with apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors raised £3.06 million Seed investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Village Global, ShopTalk, Anil Aggarwal and Wendy Tan White.
  4. London based eCommerce company Clippings raised £11.8 millionSeries B from Advance Venture Partners and C4 Ventures.
  5. London based InsureTech company Equipsme, which provides health insurance plans for UK businesses raised £2.5 million Series A from LivingBridge.
  6. London based InsureTech company Social Media Compliance, which provides solutions that help global firms mitigate risk of employees on their personal social media raised £20,000 by joining CyLon incubator.
  7. London based InsureTech company Zercurity, which provides risk management over your IT infrastructure, applications and devices. Including automatic checks for non-compliance, policy adherence and risk scoring raised £20,000 by joining CyLon incubator.
  8. London based InsureTech company Meterian, which provides a simple and straightforward way to assess how secure are your software components raised £20,000 by joining CyLon incubator.
  9. London based FinTech company Wagestream, which enables employees of participating businesses to gain access to funds from their salary packages for a flat fee of £1.75 raised £4.5 million Seed investment from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.
  10. London based EdTech company Perlego, which call itself Spotify for textbooks raised £3.7 million Series A from ADV, Simon Franks (Lovefilm), Peter Hinssen and Alex Chesterman (Zoopla).
  11. London based Security Tech company Ravelin, which works directly with online merchants and their payment service providers in a bid to decrease losses to fraud and improve orders’ acceptance rates raised £8 millionSeries B from BlackFin Capital Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners, Playfair Capital, Passion Capital and various private investors.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #12 (w/c 3r September 2018)

A total of £299.72 million was raised by 10 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Oxford based TransportTech company ByBox, which provides logistical support and locker technology for businesses raised undisclosed growth capital from Francisco Partners.
  2. Bath based SaaS data analytics company MyLife Digital, which helps businesses manage personal data issues raised £5.7 million Series A from BGF (£3 million equity) and  Barclays (£2.7 million debt).
  3. London based PropTech company Unmortgage, which allows those who rent to own the property they rent raised £10 million Seed from Anthemis Exponential Ventures and Augmentum Fintech.
  4. London based Dating company, Lumen which is designed for over 50s raised £3.5 million Seed investment from Andrey Andreev (founder of Badoo).
  5. London based FinTech company OakNorth, which operates ACORN machine raised £78 million Series B lending capital from EDBI and NIBC Bank plus existing backers Clermont Group, GIC and Coltrane Asset Management.
  6. London based FinTech company Monese, which allow people from all over Europe to open a UK current account in minutes raised £46.42 million Series B investment from Paypal, Augmentum Fintech, Avios Group and Kinnevik.
  7. London based security company CybSafe, which helps businesses to improve their cybersecurity behaviour and reduce cyber risk raised £3.5 million Series A from an undisclosed number of investors.
  8. London based Fintech company LendInvest, which runs a property finance marketplace for simple mortgages and smart property loan investments raised £150 million lending capital from Nomura and Magnetar.
  9. London based MusicTech company nSpireMe, which makes learning musical instruments more fun for children raised £300k Pre-Seed from Forward Partners.
  10. London based Fintech company CountingUp, which merges banking and accounting raised £2.3 million Series A from Forward Partners, Frontline Ventures and JamJar Investments.



2018 August

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #11 (w/c 27th August 2018)

A total of £52.52 million was raised by 10 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. London based TravelTech company Duffel, which helps bring new experiences to life so that travelling feels like a seamless part of your journey instead of a chore raised £3.63 million from Blossom Capital, Crankstart Foundation (Michael Moritz) and Index Ventures.
  2. London based wearables company Mobilus Labs, which provides frictionless voice communications for teams of any size at any range raised £1 million Seed from Ascension Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Newable Private Investing, LCIF, Wayra and a group of undisclosed business Angels.
  3. London based MarTech company Phrasee, which leverages artificial intelligence to generate optimised marketing copy raised £3.07 millionSeries A led by Albion Capital with follow-on investment from Next Fifteen and angel syndicate Galvanise Capital.
  4. London based HealthTech company Allocate Software, which provides workforce rostering software to NHS and others raised an undisclosed amount of growth capital from HgCapital’s Hg8 fund.
  5. London based data and imagery analytics company Hummingbird Technologies, which provides crop analysis software that learns raised £250,000 from Horizons Ventures.
  6. London based MarketPlace company Florence, which provides nursing staff raised £1.2 million from Waverly Capital and Rianta Capital founded by Tom Singh, Founder of New Look.
  7. London based PropTech company Yopa, which provides an affordable, quick and simple way to sell your home raised £15.3 million Series D from Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), Grosvenor Hill Ventures and LSL Property Services.
  8. London based LegalTech Company Apperio, which provides simple and transparent management of your legal work raised £7.67 millionfrom Draper Esprit, Notion Capital and IQ Capital.
  9. London based AI company Pointr, which provides everything from indoor positioning to indoor navigation, augmented reality navigation, location based messaging, indoor analytics and indoor tracking raised £5 million Series A from LivingBridge
  10. London based Fintech company SalaryFinance, which provides loans to employees with repayments collected from salary deductions raised £15.3 million Series B funding from Legal & General Capital and Blenheim Chalcot.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #10 (w/c 20th August 2018)

A total of £28.92 million was raised by 10 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Cardiff based Academy of Robotics, which is building an autonomous car that can deliver multiple packages to different addresses without human aid has raised £100,000 under six hours from existing investors rejecting an additional investment of £500,000 offered by them.
  2. London based Tide, one of the first companies to introduce current accounts for businesses and an integration partner of UnifiedVU raised £8 million Series A from Augmentum Fintech (£3 million convertible note) and existing investors.
  3. London based Fintech Welenduswhich is building a short-term consumer peer-to-peer lending platform raised £850,000 from Seedrs.
  4. London based Andersen EVwhich provides an expensive and well designed electric car charge points raised £330,000 via Crowdcube.
  5. London based Elginwhich provides a local and national communications hub for live and planned roadworks, road closures and traffic disruptions raised an undisclosed growth capital investment from Bridgepoint.
  6. London based HealthTech startup TestCardwhich has created a ‘Postcard’ with an imbedded, pull-out urine test with mobile app providing immediate results raised £1.32 million Seed from Neo Ventures & Aldhow Capital.
  7. London based Vitalwhich sells premium supplements online raised £1.02 million via CrowdCube.
  8. London based Rotageekwhich provides intelligent employee scheduling software for companies raised £4 million Series A from Mobeus Equity Partners.
  9. London based Fintech company Previse, which uses machine learning to give multinational companies tools and incentives to pay suppliers instantly on receipt of invoices raised £5.3 million Series A from Augmentum Fintech (£2 million), Bessemer Venture Partners and Hambro Perks.
  10. London based data company Duedil (one of the first apps we built on UnifiedVU platform which was later replaced by Companies House App), which is building a complete source of information on private companies and the people behind them raised £8 million Series C from Oak Investment Partners, Notion Capital, Venture Founders and Augmentum Fintech.


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MailChimp Intelligence by UnifiedVU
MailChimp Intelligence by UnifiedVU


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #9 (w/c 13th August 2018)

A total of £92.39 million was raised by 12 companies over the last 7 days including £300,000 by Techcelerate Specialist Phil Webb and Manchester based Shaping Cloud:

  1. Warwickshire based HealthTech company C7 Health which is led by Techcelerate Specialist Phil Webb providing software and services to help clinicians deliver better care to their patients raised £300,000 Seed funding from Mercia Equity.
  2. Manchester based business software solutions company Shaping Cloudraised £1.4 million growth capital from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (£500,000), Mercia Equity Finance (£750,000) and £150,000 from internal management.
  3. Macclesfield based HealthTech company Rinicare which provides Remote Monitoring and Prediction solutions to Improve Patient Care raised £1 million Seed round from Catapult Venture and the Mercia Equity.
  4. Birmingham based enterprise software company Swoopos which provides mobile point-of-sale systems raised £1.2 million from Foresight Group.
  5. Oxford based HealthTech company Sensyne Health which provides solutions to connect patients, clinicians and researchers, generating large databases of phenotypic data, enabling discovery research and improving patient outcomes raised £60 million via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on London Stock Exchange (LSE).
  6. Cambridge based HealthTech company Healthera, which Connects with your local NHS pharmacist and manage prescriptions for you and your family raised £3 million Series A funding from ADV and Cambridge Enterprise.
  7. London based FashionTech company Threads raised £15.7 milllion from C Ventures and Highland Europe.
  8. London based MarTech company Right of Reply which protects people’s reputation on the Web by providing online and real world management tools has raised £2 million through an additional equity placing.
  9. London based wellness tech company BioBeats has raised £1.57 millionSeries A funding from IQ Capital, White Cloud Capital and Oxford Sciences Innovation.
  10. London based MarketPlace company Urban Massage which provides personalised professional massage services at your convenience has raised £3.1 million crowdfunding round via Seedrs.
  11. London based HealthTech company Qured which delivers a doctor or physio to your door within two hours raised £770,000 crowdfunding round via Crowdcube.
  12. London based HealthTech company OurPath which uses weight-tracking technology and behavioural science to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes raised £2.35 million seed funding from Connect Ventures, SpeedInvest, TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus, Gumtree co-founder Michael Pennington and Ian Hogarth, co-founder of Songkick.



Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #8 (w/c 6th August 2018)

A total of £25.86 million was raised by 9 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Harrogate based enterprise software vendor, iPortalis raised an undisclosed amount of growth capital from NorthEdge.
  2. Newcatle-Upon-Tyne based transport marketplace, Who Can Fix My Carraised £4 million Series A from Active Partners, Venrex Investment Management, Shell Technology Ventures and Trevor Chinn.
  3. London based Fintech company, Glint Pay has raised £1.6 million via crowdfunding platform Crowdcube with 17 days left to end.
  4. London based PropTech company, Lyvly raised £3.6 million Series A from Mosaic Ventures and Greg Marsh.
  5. London based robotics tech company, SenSat raised £3.53 million from Force Over Mass, Round Hill Venture Partners and Zag (the venture arm of global creative agency BBH).
  6. London based HealthTech MarketPlace company, Mynurva raised an undisclosed amount of investment from Deepbridge.
  7. London based FashionTech company, Unmade raised £3.13 millioninvestment from Felix Capital, Connect Ventures, LocalGlobe, Carmen Busquets, Backed VC and C4 Ventures.
  8. London based robotics tech company, MovAI raised £3 million seed funding from Isreal based Voila Ventures and San Francisco based NFX.
  9. London based payday loan fintech company, Wonga raised emergency funding round of £10 million from Accel Partners and Balderton Capital to stop the company falling into insolvency.


2018 July

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #7 (w/c 30th July 2018)

A total of £108.73 million was raised by 14 companies over the last 7 days including two from Manchester:

  1. Manchester based LegalTech company, Link App (SaaS) founded by former BBC TV Apprentice star Lauren Riley in 2014 raised £340,000 from Mercia Fund Management and Development Bank of Wales taking total investment to date to £500,000.
  2. Manchester based hosting company, Miss Group raised £6.4 million Series A from BGF.
  3. Chester based EdTech company, Nexus Labs raised undisclosed seed round from GM&C Life Sciences Fund (managed by Catapult Ventures) and Alderley Park Ventures (managed by BioCity) to launch Surgical Teaching.
  4. Shrewsbury based cyber security company, Hazy raised £1.38 million Seed round from UCL Technology Fund (lead investor), Nationwide Building Society, Pentland, Amadeus Capital Partners and AI Seed.
  5. Reading based supply chain company, VirtualStock (SaaS) raised £3.42 million Series A funding under EIS rules increasing post money valuation to £69.5 million.
  6. London based crypto mining company, Argo Blockchain raised £25 million through an IPO.
  7. London based market place company, Macrigi raised £140,000 Seed round.
  8. London based peer-to-peer lender Fintech company, Zopa founded in 2005 raised £44 million.
  9. London based MarTech company, Akkroo raised £1.75 million Series A from Conviction Investment Partners (CIP).
  10. London based SaaS Fintech company, Smartr365 which supplies systems to the UK mortgage intermediary market raised £3 million from Legal and General.
  11. London based data analytics company, Quantexa (SaaS) raised £15.2 million Series B from Dawn Capital, HSBC and Albion Capital.
  12. London based InsureTech company, FloodFlash raised £1.9 million Series A round from LocalGlobe, Pentech Ventures and InsurTech Gateway.
  13. London based ecommerce company, Waldo (contact lenses) raised £3.7 million from PROfounders Capital, YYX Ventures and Tectonic Capital.
  14. London based recruitment market place, Bright Network (connecting students to carrier opportunities) raised £2.5 million from Maven Capital.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #6 (w/c 23rd July 2018)

A total of £151.69 million was raised by 14 companies over the last 7 days:

  1. Yorkshire based Yboo raised £2 million (25% equity + 75% Debt) from Angelfish Investments.
  2. Cambridge based HealthTech company, Healx raised £7.58 millionSeries A from Balderton Capital, Jonathan Milner and Amadeus Capital.
  3. Bristol based SaaS company, Brightpearl raised £11.4 million growth funding from Cipio Partners, MMC Ventures and Notion Capital.
  4. Cheltenham based Data Analytics company, Ripjar raised unsolicitedamount from Accenture Ventures.
  5. Scotland based HealthTech company, Snap40 raised £6.10 millionSeries A from ADV and MMC Ventures.
  6. Scotland based HealthTech company, Care Sourcer raised £8.50 millionSeries A from Legal & General and ADV.
  7. Milton Keynes based SaaS company, Collision Management Systemsraised £1.25 million from BGF.
  8. London and Athens based HealthTech company, Causaly raised £760,000 Seed from Emerge Education , Matt Clifford, Charlie Songhurst, Marathon Venture Capital.
  9. London based MarTech company, globalwebindex raised £30 millionSeries A from Stripes Group.
  10. London based HealthTech company, Evodental (dental implant specialist) raised £4 million Series A from BGF.
  11. London based FinTech company, CloudTrade (e-invoicing) raised £2 million Series A from Calculus Capital.
  12. London based VR/AR company, Improbable raised £76.3 million growth capital from NetEase (China).
  13. London based InsureTech company, By Miles raised £1 million Seed from JamJar Investments, InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund, insurTech Gateway (Hambro Perks and Lumleys).
  14. London based PropTech company, Reposit raised £500,000 Seed from Weisz Investments and Avonmore Developments.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #5 (w/c 16th July 2018)

A total of £325 million was raised by 20 companies over the last 7 days including Manchester based ParkCloud:

  1. Manchester based TravelTech company ParkCloud raised £4 million from Mercia Fund Managers.
  2. Lancashire based EnergyTech company, Extreme Low Energy raised £750,000 from Maven Capital Partners.
  3. Cardiff based W2 Global Data raised £1.25 million from Mercia Fund Management, Development Bank of Wales and and TTI Angels.
  4. Bristol based MarTech company, Mention Me raised £5.29 million Series A from Eight Road Ventures.
  5. Birmingham based LegalTech company Clarilis raised £3.10 million from NVM Private Equity.
  6. Birmingham based Travel SaaS company, Click Travel raised undisclosed multi million investment round from BGF.
  7. Cambridge based Software debugging company, Undo raised £10.63 million Series B from Cambridge Innovation Capital. Undo transforms the way your organisation handles software quality issues.  
  8. London based MedTech company Lifebit, which offers reproducible genomics analysis in minutes raised £2.28 million Seed funding from Connect Ventures, Pentech Ventures, Beacon Capital and Tiny.
  9. London based FashionTech company, RangeRoom raised undisclosed investment round from Manchester based Kamani Capital Fund.
  10. London based fitness App, Auro raised £450,000 Seed round.
  11. London based Fintech company, TrueLayer which provides financial APIs raised £5.77 million Series B from Northzone.
  12. London based Fintech company, Tradeteq which connects trade finance originators with institutional investors raised £4.79 million from Accelerate Digital Ventures (ADV).
  13. London based travel market place, Secret Escapes raised £52 million growth equity round from Old Mutual Global Investors.
  14. London based Blockchain startup Provenance raised undisclosed Seed round from Peter Gabriel, Working Capital (lead investor), the Digital Currency Group, Merian Ventures and Plug and Play.
  15. London based messenger app, Guild raise £910,000 Seed from 28 private investors via SeedLegals.
  16. London based eCommerce company, Moteefe raised £1 million from Livingbridge.
  17. London based Hardware and EdTech company Pi-Top raised £11.52 million Series B from Hambro Perks, Committed Capital, Global Brain Corporation, Parkwalk Advisors and existing investors. Pi-Top makes experimenting, coding and building electronics simple, affordable and fun.
  18. London based Fintech company, Greensill raised a whopping £189 million from General Atlantic valuing the company at £1.25 billion and creating another unicorn in the process. The co-founder and CEO of Greensill holds a MBA from Manchester Business School. Greensill provides Supply Chain Finance around the world.
  19. London based Satellite company, Orbex secured £30 million investment from UK Space Agency (UKSA), Sunstone Technology Ventures, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Elecnor Deimos Space, European Space Agency (ESA) and European Commission Horizon 2020 programme. Orbex plans to launch small satellites into orbit from UK spaceport using renewable fuel. 
  20. London based InsureTech company, Digital Risks raised £2.25 million pre-Series A funding from Concentric, Atami Capital, Seedcamp, London Co-Investment Fund and Beazley.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #4 (w/c 9th July 2018)

A total of £72.46 million was raised by 12 companies including MirrorWeb and Immotion from Manchester:

  1. London based Lending Works raised £2.8 million from Maven Capital Partners, Pollen Street Capital and NVM Private Equity. Lending Works is a peer-to-peer lending platform. #Fintech
  2. London based Voltaware raised £2.5 million from BP Ventures. Voltaware allows you to manage your energy use and reduce your bills. #EnergyTech
  3. Manchester based Immotion Group raises £6 million through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on London Stock Exchange. Immotion Group provides immersive VR cinematic experiences. #VR/AR
  4. London based Emma closes £420,000 Seed from Kima Ventures, Aglae Ventures (part of the Group Arnault) and angel investors. Emma helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding wasteful subscriptions and giving the control you need over your finances. #Fintech
  5. London based Olio raised £4.32 million Series A from Octopus Ventures, Accel, Quadia and Quentin Griffiths. OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away. #FoodTech
  6. London based Seatfrog lands £4.5 million Series A from Octopus Ventures and HOWZAT.  Seatfrog allows you to bid for last minute train seat upgrades. TravelTech
  7. London and San Francisco based Tractable closed £18 million Series B from Insight Venture Partners. Tractable reviews accident damages and predicts repair costs to settle claims faster. #InsureTech
  8. London based Story Terrace raised £617,200 from Seedrs crowdfunding. Market place for matching ordinary people with writers. #MarketPlace
  9. London based TaxScouts raises £300,000 from Charlie Delingpole, Charlie Songhurst and Picus Capital. TaxScouts is a bot that helps you understand your personal income tax situation and suggests ways to reduce the tax bill. #Fintech
  10. Edinburg based DYSIS Medical raised £18 million from Lundbeckfonden Ventures. DYSIS Medical provides imaging systems for detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. #MedTech
  11. London based Moneybox bagged £14 million in funding from Eight Roads, Oxford Capital Partners and Samos Investments. Moneybox app facilitates easy investment of your spare change. #Fintech
  12. Manchester based MirrorWeb raised £1 million investment from Maven Capital Partners. MirrorWeb provides web and social media archiving for business and government. #SaaS


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #3 (w/c 2nd July 2018)

A total of £65.98 million was raised by 7 companies:

  1. Nottingham based blockchain powered Player Lands, a new marketplace for online gamers have secured a £200,000 investment from Mercia Fund Managers.
  2. London based PropTech company eMoove has surpassed the crowdfunding target of £1 million (currently at £1.403 million). Having recently brought together three of the biggest names in digital estate agency into one, Emoov, Tepilo and Urban combined to become the second largest player in the rapidly growing ‘online’ and ‘hybrid’ sector.
  3. London based Fever gets £15.14 million Series C from Atresmedia, Labtech, Accel Partners and 14W Ventures. Fever allows you to discover the best events in your city.
  4. Bought By ManyEurope’s leading insurance technology company secures £15 million in Series B from CommerzVentures, Munich Re, HSB Ventures, Octopus Ventures and Evelyn Bourke. The company negotiates discounts, cashback and freebies with insurers for the things you care about. 
  5. London based FinTech startup Paysend gets £15.14 million to shake up global remittances from MarCorp Financial and existing investors. Paysend is a money transfer platform allowing you to send funds from card to card. 
  6. Durham, North East based SaleCycle secures £11.5 million from BGF. SaleCycle helps marketers increase their conversion rates, recover abandoned sales and drive customer loyalty.
  7. Atomico leads £7.6 million Series A investment into London data startup Oden Technologies with EQT Ventures, Inbox Capital and Seed investors.  Oden provides data acquisition hardware and process analytics software for manufacturers to eliminate waste, increase output and achieve better production.


2018 June

Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #2 (w/c 25th June 2018)

A total of £67.75 million was raised by 12 companies including Manchester based Peak:

  1. Welsh startup Talkative raises undisclosed funding round to help businesses connect with online customers from Wesley Clover, Development Bank Wales, angel investors and founding executive team.
  2. London SaaS startup Yoobic gets £18.8 million to expand to the US from Insight Venture Partners and Felix Capital.
  3. AndCo gets £800,000 from angel investors to connect freelancers with unused venue space.
  4. Beringea backs analytics firm Aistemos in £3 million round.
  5. AI powered Signal Media lands £12 million to provide personalised news feeds from GMG Ventures, MMC Ventures, Frontline, Hearst Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures and LocalGlobe.
  6. HealthTech startup uMotif closes £2.4 million round led by Albion Capital.
  7. A Million Ads gets £2.3 million to deliver targeted advertisement from GMG Ventures and Edge Investments.
  8. Travel start-up Triptease raised £3.02 million funding from BGF and Notion Capital.
  9. Manchester based data analytics start-up Peak secures further £1.5 million investment from MMC Ventures and Praetura Capital.
  10. Rental platform Movebubble Surpasses £800,000 funding target on Seedrs.
  11. Seedcamp startup LabStep raised £1 million Seed from business angels.
  12. Blockchain powered trade platform TradeIX Secures £12.09 million through Series A funding Round led By ING Ventures, Kistefos, BNP Paribas and Tech Mahindra.


Covered by Techcelerate Deal News Edition #1 (w/c 18th June 2018)

A total of £82.05 million was raised by 13 companies including Manchester based Vibe Tickets:

    1. Cardiff based DevOpsGroup raised £3 million from BGF for acquisition of AgileSnap.
    2. London based MyTutor raised £5 million from Mobeus Equity Partners.
    3. London based Beamery raised £21.13 million from EQT Ventures, Index Ventures, Edenred Capital Partners and Angelpad Fun.
    4. London based EdTech company Matr raised £4.75 million from UCL Technology Fund and Downing Ventures.
    5. Manchester based Vibe Tickets raised £0.2 million from Vela Technologies after the pre-pack.
    6. Hull based Moodbeam raised £0.2 million from Mercia.
    7. London based crypto currency open accounting company Xriba has raised £9.57 million in Token Crowdsale which ends on July 7th.
    8. Bristol based HealthTech company Micrima raised £4.4 millionfrom Technology Venture Partners, The Angel CoFund(ACF) and Venture Founders.
    9. London based HealthTech company Live Better With raised £5.31 millionfrom Downing Ventures, Forward Partners and DMG Ventures.
    10. London based enterprise email company Tessian raised £9 millionfrom Balderton Capital, Accel. Amadeus Capital Partners, Crane, LocalGlobe, Winton Ventures and Walking Ventures.
    11. London and San Francisco based SaaS enterprise integration company raised £10.65 million from GGV Capital, True Ventures, Mosaic Ventures and AngelPad.
    12. London based Gospel Technology raised £1.4 million in Seed funding from LocalGlobe, Michael Pennington and Vivek Kundra.
    13. London based Cyber Security company Panaseer raised £7.44 million in Series A funding from Evolution Equity Partners, Notion Capital, Albion Capital, Winton Ventures, Paladin Capital Group and Cisco Investments.