Raising investment is a time-consuming and a critical task, which distracts the CEO and senior management from running and growing their tech company. We integrate into the company to undertake this task on behalf of the CEO, relieving the CEO and senior management to continue to grow the business. We become your Chief Investment Officer.


Our core services include, but not limited to

Investment Readiness

We work with you to ensure your tech company is as ready as it can be before you pitch to investors. Prior to Investment Readiness, we work on Company Readiness, so that there are no delays in growing your company upon receipt of investment.

Investor Roadshow

We work with you to identify the right investors for your organisation based on the stage your company is in and your specific growth needs and aspirations. We introduce legal and financial advisors to ensure you are well looked after during negotiations.

Post Investment Growth Support

Techcelerate Specialists are available to fill talent gaps you might have. Through our recruitment partners, we can facilitate and speed up recruitment post-investment. Techcelerate Network can then step into open new markets for your company helping you to achieve scale.


Techcelerate Services explained in detail.

Step before Investment Readiness

Some companies require upfront work before the Investment Readiness process can start. This could range from spinning out a new company to restructuring the company including resolving shareholder issues, setting up EMI schemes and simplifying the cap table.

Reducing investor due diligence

The more prepared you are, the less time it would take to close an investment round. Our role is to work with you closely to fill the gaps and get you ready as much as possible before you pitch your business to potential investors. As part of this, we will conduct due diligence, work with you to improve your positioning and strategy, pitch deck, forecasts and the business plan.

Matching Company to Investors

Pitching to the wrong investors will simply extend the time to close. We will work closely with you to ensure we only pick the investors who invest in the stage you are in as well as invest in your sector. In addition to Techcelerate Investment Network, we will also dig deeper into our deals database (Deal Lite) to identify potential new investors.

Handholding all the way

Working closely with trusted Financial and Legal Advisors, we are here to ensure you get the best deal possible, both in terms of valuation, terms and the right fit (beyond cash) for the growth of your business. Post investment, we will continue to work with you to skill up and hit the road running. Our Partners and Specialists are available to make your journey easier.


Investment Readiness + Investor Introductions + Support
£1500 - £3000/upfront
5% Success fee
Suitable for tech startups with early revenues and/or pre-seed investment, e.g. with problem/solution fit
  • Due diligence
  • 3 months investment readiness
  • 3 months investment roadshow
  • 3 months to close investment
  • 1 month post-investment support
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Series A
£2000 - £5000/month
5% Success fee
Suitable for tech startups with a proven business model and growing recurring revenues, i.e. product/market fit
  • Due diligence
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Investment readiness
  • Investment roadshow
  • Close investment
  • Post-investment support
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Disclaimer: Investment cannot be guaranteed.

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Company Readiness
Investment Readiness

Investor Roadshow
Post Investment Growth

Angel Investors

Portfolio Audits
Early Exits
Due Diligence

Venture Capitalists

Qualified Deal Flow
Northern Representation
Technical Due Diligence
M&A Support


Some of the questions we get asked quite often

Tech Companies

Do you invest?

No. Techcelerate does not have its own funds to invest in technology companies. Instead, we work with you to identify investors who are looking for scaleable propositions like yours.

If you are not an investor, how do you help?

Raising investment is a time-consuming and a critical task, which distracts the CEO and senior management from running and growing their tech company. We integrate into the company to undertake this task on behalf of the CEO, relieving the CEO and senior management to continue to grow the business. We become your Chief Investment Officer.

Could you help us raise investment?

Yes, we may be able to help you, provided that you meet our minimum criteria.

First you would need to become a Member of Techcelerate Network, which allows us to build a trusting relationship with you.

Once we know each other well, we can start to explore whether the investment route is right for your organisation.

Could you help pre-revenue companies raise investment?

We can work with pre-revenue companies to companies generating multi-million £ revenues under Techcelerate Membership Plans.

Could you help Non UK Tech Companies raise investment?

Doubtful, unless we know you well and you have aspirations to relocate your business to the UK.


How can I join Techcelerate Angel Network?

We are currently accepting current or past Tech CxOs into our Techcelerate Angel Network. If you like to join us, please reach us through the contact us form.

Could you help London VCs access tech companies in Manchester and the North?

Yes. We are currently tracking a large number of tech companies in Manchester. We could operate as your ears and eyes in Manchester and the North identifying companies that meet your specific investment criteria.


Do you specialise in any particular sector?

We are focusing on helping consumer and business software companies operating on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, financial technology (FinTech) companies, healthcare technology companies (HealthTech) and those operating 2-sided or 3-sided marketplaces to start with.

What do you mean by Tech Companies?

We work exclusively with highly scaleable tech product companies with growing recurring revenues.

Are you FCA approved?

No, we provides consultancy services working in conjunction with Financial and Legal Advisors.


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