Raj Muppala

Manoj Ranaweera
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Founder & CEO, HaiX.ai

With the fast-moving data, just “keyword search” results are not enough and we need fast accurate answers.

Raj and HaiX have built Alivecore, a truly intelligent AI Search which understands natural language intent like humans, to help “people stay ahead with highly accurate answers for their questions” on any data, even on fast-moving social media, web out-of-the-box (unlike media monitoring and enterprise tools that are keyword rule-based).

Unlike keyword search from current tools, with the Alivecore platform, a user can even search complex natural language questions like why Bad reputation is increasing? and get accurate answers with top issues filtered from billions of social media and web.

It’s time to stop searching with keywords, start discovering with HaiX Alivecore for fast actionable insights and accurate answers for your questions.

Raj has over 18 years of experience in senior IT and Business roles at Fortune 100 companies in delivering AI solutions, Finance, Advanced analytics and helping companies with AI strategy to increase ROI.

Raj’s mission is to inspire people and start-ups to make ideas into reality and serve as a mentor and advising in making innovation happen efficiently.