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Our Tech Startups need the intelligence to compete in the market. With this in mind, we have created Deal Lite

Most of our tech startups are bootstrapped. To help them survive during the early years, we have built SkilledUp Life, a thriving community of global multi-disciplinary talent ready to help them free.

Startups struggle to update progress. We have created Progress Hero to help our companies update their stakeholders easily.

Giving you a competitive advantage

As part of your membership, you get free access to Deal Lite, SkilledUp Life and Progress Hero, worth a minimum of £1800.

Deal Lite

Deal Lite demystifies the UK tech ecosystem by showcasing UK’s fastest growing tech companies and investors who are backing them.

Find out the latest companies to secure investment, discover best-fit investors for your tech startup, understand how founder equity changes with each funding round.

As part of the membership, you get free access worth £600/yr. We will also list you on Deal Lite for investors and others to discover you. 

SkilledUp Life

SkilledUp Life provides free talent for early stage tech startups. We have over 500 volunteers from 30+ countries ready to help you free of charge. 

Free help range from marketing to product development and beyond. You can list unlimited number of opportunities.

As part of the membership, you get free access worth £300/yr.

Progress Hero

Early stage tech startups  struggle to report progress to investors, board of directors and stakeholders.

Progress Hero takes care of this challenge by providing an easy way to update progress once a month. 

As part of the membership, get free access to Progress Hero worth £300/yr.