Tech entrepreneurship is not easy

Whilst our CEO has had two successful exits, he discovered many of the hidden pitfalls along the way. The mistakes he made are still repeated today by tech founders.

Techcelerate is an established support network which helps Tech founders succeed in making their mark on the world. Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you realise your ambitions more quickly and assuredly. 

Whilst there are many initiatives for tech founders today – from accelerators to government initiatives – Techcelerate is one that truly understands the difficulties faced by founders and cater for their needs from IDEA to EXIT.

Techcelerate wishes to be your most trusted long-term partner in your tech entrepreneurial journey.

Taking the lead once again

Building a mini Ecosystem

We took the lead from 2006 to 2013 to build the tech ecosystem in Manchester when there was no support for tech founders.

This time (since 2018), we are taking the lead once more to develop a self-sustaining tech ecosystem for our Tech Companies.

Unlike the last time, we are getting heavily involved in the success of tech companies who join us.

A Self-Sustaining Tech Ecosystem

An Ecosystem is not built-in one day. We have a lot of work to do. What you see is just the Start. We can only imagine the End.

Tech Companies

We have welcomed 25 Technology Companies from HealthTech to SaaS, from pre-revenue to £1m turnover, and now ready to accept more.


Our 14 Partners include accountancy firms to partners who could enhance your product with AI/ML capabilities. We are ready for more Partners now.


Our 8 Specialists range from part-time CFOs to those who can build your sales channels and increase your overall business efficiency. We are ready to add more.


We have started to build our Angel Investor Network. We are keen to work with Tech CEOs of mature tech companies as well as traditional angel investors.


We are keen to work with larger companies who represent buyers of Technology Companies, and have extensive experience in Series B+ investment & M&A.


Whilst we are at an early stage of our development, we are nevertheless keen to sign up £10 to £100 million t/o tech companies to explore M&A.

One stage at a time

Start to Exit

We help you to accelerate growth from the stage you are into the next and eventually reach your desired Exit.

We are bringing together the support you need in order to achieve this through Techcelerate Partners and Specialists.

De-risking your business

Whilst we find ways to help you accelerate your growth, at the same time, we de-risk your business for potential investment and later on de-risk it for potential acquisition by larger tech companies.

Joseph Petrie

“Nearly every single one of the early pilot users I acquired either directly or indirectly as a result of being a member of Techcelerate.”

Russell Groves, CEO, Training Sensei

Russell Groves

Training Sensei

“Techcelerate has been an invaluable guide – helping me to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others.”

Thomas Porteus CEO Iatro Partners

Thomas Porteus

Iatro Partners

“Techcelerate has proved to be an invaluable sounding board and being part of a community of trusted CEOs makes every difference.”

John Whelan, CEO, My Digital Accounts

John Whelan

“I don’t know anyone with Manoj’s energy. If you need to step up your activity – get in his network (if you can)”

Tech Companies

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