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How we work

Prior to joining Techcelerate, you would have built a personal relationship with our CEO. This would have resulted in a certain level of trust established between you and Techcelerate. Once the you and us fit is confirmed, you will join Techcelerate Network by subscribing to an annual membership Plan. Once the payment is received and confirmed, our CEO will personally on-board you and your company.

Joe Petrie

Joseph Petrie

“Nearly every single one of the early pilot users I acquired either directly or indirectly as a result of being a member of Techcelerate.”

Russell Groves, CEO, Training Sensei

Russell Groves

Training Sensei

“Techcelerate has been an invaluable guide – helping me to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others.”

John Whelan, CEO, My Digital Accounts

John Whelan

“I don’t know anyone with Manoj’s energy. If you need to step up your activity – get in his network (if you can)”

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