Tech Investment and Growth Advisory

We operate as your Chief Investment Officer working on behalf of you to secure investment from £350k to £5m.


Our core services include, but not limited to

Investment Readiness

We work with you to ensure your tech company is as ready as it can be before you pitch to investors. Prior to Investment Readiness, we work on Company Readiness, so that there are no delays in growing your company upon receipt of investment.

Investor Roadshow

We work with you to identify the right investors for your organisation based on the stage your company is in and your specific growth needs and aspirations. We introduce legal and financial advisors to ensure you are well looked after during negotiations.

Post Investment Growth Support

Techcelerate Specialists are available to fill talent gaps you might have. Through our recruitment partners, we can facilitate and speed up recruitment post-investment. Techcelerate Network can then step into open new markets for your company helping you to achieve scale.


Having started trading in the second half of 2018, we are still working with our first customer - so will be able to provide case studies in the near future. We are limiting our focus to 5 customers in our first year, so if you think we are the right organisation to help your technology company achieve its aspirations, please get in touch.


Since May 2018
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Proven builders of Technology Companies

Manoj Ranaweera

CEO & Founder

Alexandra Morris

Head of Techcelerate Network

Stewart Townsend

SaaS Channel Specialist

Services offered by

In addition to functioning as the Chief Investment Officer, Techcelerate provides a number of complementary services.

Tech Companies

  • Company readiness
  • Investment readiness
  • Investor Roadshow
  • Post investment growth

Angel Investors

  • Syndication
  • Portfolio audits
  • Early exits
  • Due diligence

Venture Capitalists

  • Qualified deal flow
  • Northern representation
  • Technical due diligence
  • M&A support

Techcelerate Network

  • Tech companies
  • Investors
  • Specialists
  • Partners

Techcelerate Talent

  • Techcelerate Specialists
  • Recruitment partners
  • Legal advisors
  • Financial advisors

Techcelerate Research

  • Investment deal news
  • Investment insights
  • Company fact sheets
  • Sector reports


Helping to accelerate the growth of tech companies through access to finance, know-how, markets and talent including M&A.

Get Investment News

Get tech investment news delivered to your inbox every Monday. Gain an understanding of who has raised investment, especially among your competition quickly.


Partnerships to accelerate the growth of our Tech Member Companies.


What Techcelerate Network Members say about the weekly investment news
It’s a great newsletter – just the right length. Worth subscribing to for anyone in tech.
Tim Hampson
Co-Founder & CEO at SalesSeek
This is both useful and interesting as a summary of what’s being invested in and from where the investment is coming from.
John Roberts
Founder & Chairman at Comvergent Group
Concise, informative, punchy. An excellent summary that’s extremely useful.
Marco Fiori
Account Director at Bamboo PR


Some of the questions we get asked quite often

Tech Companies

Do you invest?

No. Techcelerate does not have its own funds to invest in technology companies. Instead, we work with you to identify investors who are looking for scaleable propositions like yours.

If you are not an investor, how do you help?

Raising investment is a time-consuming and a critical task, which distracts the CEO and senior management from running and growing their tech company. We integrate into the company to undertake this task on behalf of the CEO, relieving the CEO and senior management to continue to grow the business. We become your Chief Investment Officer.

Could you help us raise investment?

Yes, we may be able to help you, provided that you meet our minimum criteria.

Could you help pre-revenue companies raise investment?

Given that you are most likely in a very early stage of your journey, our cost structure will not permit us to work with pre-revenue companies. However, sometimes, there are exceptions, especially if you are backed by another company, e.g. your company was spun out of a revenue-generating agency. So it’s worth reaching out to us if you think you are able to afford our services.

Could you help Non UK Tech Companies raise investment?

Doubtful, unless we know you well and you have aspirations to relocate your business to the UK.

What do you mean by Tech Companies?

We work exclusively with highly scaleable tech product companies with growing recurring revenues.

Do you specialise in any particular sector?

We are focusing on helping consumer and business software companies operating on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, financial technology (FinTech) companies, healthcare technology companies (HealthTech) and those operating 2-sided or 3-sided marketplaces to start with.


How can I join Techcelerate Angel Network?

We are currently accepting current or past Tech CxOs into our Techcelerate Angel Network. If you like to join us, please reach us through the contact us form.

Could you help London VCs access tech companies in Manchester and the North?

Yes. We are currently tracking a large number of tech companies in Manchester (see Fun Facts above). We could operate as your ears and eyes in Manchester and the North identifying companies that meet your specific investment criteria.


How can I become a Techcelerate Specialist?

We are looking for Specialists to fill talent gaps in our customers. This could vary from developing sales channels and partner programmes to bringing better financial discipline and re-architecturing technology platforms.


How can I partner with Techcelerate?

We are looking for a limited number of specialist companies to partner with us to help our customers achieve their ambitions faster. This could vary from accountancy and legal services to software developers.


How can I support Techcelerate?

Sponsorship is a great way to introduce your services to Techcelerate Network made up of Tech Companies, Investors, Specialists and Partners. You can sponsor a Techcelerate Event, Weekly Investment Newsletter or both.

News and Insights

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