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The founder journey is one like no other. 95% of the population will never understand the excitement and hurdles that must be overcome.

Let Techcelerate be your trusted partner. Our team and the community can help open opportunities and reduce the roadblocks you will come across on your journey from concept to exit.

Product Development

From prototyping to extensible MVPs and fully blown software products. Our partners can support all your product development needs including any AI/ML and integrations.

Gaining traction

Building a product is one thing, gaining traction is another matter all together. Tap into the Techcelerate Growth Network to gain the help you need to grow and scale.

Developing your team

People build companies. Fill your skill gaps with volunteers from SkilledUp Life. Let our recruitment partner(s) and RecruTech companies take care of your paid talent needs.

Fundraising support

We strongly support gaining traction before founder equity dilution. Let Deal Lite guide your next fundraiser and help you save time by finding best fit investors for the stage you are in.

Ranges from pre-revenue and pre-product (1 person) to £1m+ ARR (25+ person) market leader. 

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Built on trust.
Created for tech founders by tech founders and those who have scaled tech startups.

From 2006 to 2013, we built Manchester’s tech ecosystem when there was no support structure for tech founders. Today, we are developing four inter-connected networks, to give tech founders the best chance of survival and growth.

Founder Network

Growth Network

Investor Network

Exit Network


Moving you to the next stage faster by removing waste in building, growing and scaling tech startups

We have plenty of scars in getting things wrong in building tech companies. We would like to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Pre-Seed - Validating the concept (£3k MRR)

Let us help you with building the extensible MVP and attracting the first wave of customers.

Seed - Problem/Solution Fit (£10k MRR)

Providing support to demonstrate a deep understading of the problem solved whilst increasing initial traction.

Series A - Product/Market Fit (£100k MRR)

Develop the product further whilst continually refining distribution channels to accelerate growth.

Techcelerate Value Chain (2)

Founder journey no longer
has to be a lonely one.

From daily interactions via WhatsApp groups to weekly activities. Share your challenges. Someone within the community would have experienced the same challenge before. We have been building tech companies since early ’00s. Learn from the combined wisdom of our experienced Founders. 

Weekly Workshops

Daily Interactions

Company Demos

Founder Beers

Ranges from legal and financials services to product development and beyond. 

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We have the know how to strengthen your team with experienced commercially driven talent from interim CTO to taking the full ownership for fundraising. We call this CxO as a Service.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Investment Officer


Products specifically developed to help you accelerate growth.

Worth over £1800/yr to give you that extra edge from understanding the competitive to investment landscapes and free talent for your tech startup to getting better at progress reporting.

Deal Lite

Gives you an unparalleled understanding of the tech ecosystem including investment landscape.

SkilledUp Life

A global multi-disciplinary talent pool from 30+ countries ready to help you survive and grow your startup free.

Progress Hero

Free tool to help you inform your progress once a month to your investors, Board and stakeholders.


Extras to keep you flying.

Get access to perks including up to $5k of AWS Credits, $120k IBM Credits, free fees on next £15k Stripe transactions, extended trials to SeedLegals, free quota for many products including Twilio and SendGrid, and discounts to Canaree.

What our founders say

Trust isn’t achieved overnight. It has to be earned. Here’s what some of our founders say about Techcelerate.

"Manoj has the innate ability to cut through the noise and get the core of the problem when it comes to starting or scaling a tech business. That combined with his ability to listen empathetically and always adopt a solution-oriented mindset is what encouraged us to work with Techcelerate."

Ram Raghavan

"Techcelerate has been an invaluable guide – helping me to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking aggressive growth of their tech business."

Russell Groves

Stay focused on your vision.
Let us help you deliver it.

It is your journey, but by being a part of the Techcelerate community you can take advantage of opportunities quicker and reduce some of the wheel spin that founders normally go through. 

The more you engage, the more value you get.




Fair, simple pricing for all.

Simple pricing based on the stage of your company, i.e. level of investment and revenues.

Tier 1
£ 240 /yr

Validating the Concept

Earliest stage of the journey (pre-revenue and pre-investment)

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Tier 2
£ 420 /yr

Problem/Solution Fit

Early revenues (funding under £150k or revenues under £100k)

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Tier 3
£ 760 /yr

Metrics Driven

Proven business model (revenues or investment under £500k)

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Tier 4
£ 1500 /yr

Growth Channels

Strong demand (revenues or investment over £500k)

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Tier 5
£ 2000 /yr

Product/Market Fit

Getting there (Revenues over £1m or investment above £1m)

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Tier 6
£ 2500 /yr

Starting to Scale

Effective Sales (Revenues over £2m or investment over £2m)

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Take the next step to be part of a thriving group of UK tech founders.


Is Techcelerate an Accelerator?

Hell no! There are overlapping features with accelerators, but we are here for the long run (start to exit) and not taking a cohort led approach.


Any cloud credits and perks?

Yes. At present, we can support you to secure $5k AWS credits and $120k IBM credits.


Does Techcelerate take equity?

No, we do not. We strongly believe that founders should not give away equity willy nilly. We operate through a simple annual membership plan.


Are partners and specialists free?

No. If they undertake a project with deliverables, you would need to enter into a commercial agreement with the Partner.

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