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Start to EXIT (Pre-Seed to Series A and beyond)

Techcelerate works with Founding and Management Teams of Technology Product Companies to accelerate their growth and eventually reach an EXIT, including helping them with product development, customer acquisition, strategy, positioning, fundraising and M&A backed by know-how, data, tools and insights.


Building a TRUSTED network for British Tech Product Companies

Data and Insights

We collect investment data of British Tech Companies daily and share it through a weekly newsletter. The underlying data can now be directly accessed through Deal Lite web application. From which insights can be drawn to help your specific needs, especially during competitor analysis.

Techcelerate Network

Our team has founded, failed, grown and exited from many tech product companies. We deliver services by tapping into this knowledge and capabilities as well as incorporating the expertise of Partners and Specialists. Together, we find ways to help accelerate the growth of our Members.

Investment and Services

We can operate as your Chief Investment Officer working on behalf of you to secure investment from £150,000 to £5 million. We can operate as your Chief Strategy Officer, helping you with improved positioning and strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


When no one gave a hoot, Northern Startup 2.0 which eventually became Techcelerate built Manchester's tech ecosystem with help from KPMG, TechCrunch, Crowe, Aaron & Partners and Sci-Tech Daresbury from 2006 to 2013 by bringing tech entrepreneurs, investors and dealmakers together via 100+ tech entrepreneur-centric events in Manchester, Daresbury, Liverpool and London.
We were the TechNorth/TechNation before it was found. We founded the very first Co-Working Space in Manchester dedicated to Tech Companies with Bruntwood. We ran the very first black-tie Awards ceremony for Tech Entrepreneurs in the UK. When GP Bullhound acquired Northern Tech Awards from us, we decided to take a break.
In 2018, we restarted with some of our old friends and new friends. This time around, we want to get our teeth into helping Tech Companies accelerate growth through access to finance, know-how, talent and markets. Whether you plan to follow the investment route or not, Techcelerate Network can help you. We make sure no tech entrepreneur is left behind. We are comfortable working from Company incorporation to Exit.


Techcelerate Coffees since May 2018 + Deal News since Jun 2018 + Memberships and Partnerships since Feb 2019
Tech Companies
Partners & Specialists
Techcelerate Coffees & Workshops
Techcelerate Network

Tools for Startups to Accelerate Growth

Benefits of joining Techcelerate includes, but not limited to
Join Techcelerate to benefit from $5k of AWS Credits, $5k of Support and 80 credits for self-paced labs.
Join Techcelerate to benefit from $3k of GCP Credits, $3k MongoDB Atlas Credits and 1 yr Free G-Suite.


Proven builders of Technology Companies
Manoj Ranaweera Techcelerate

Manoj Ranaweera

The Man behind Techcelerate
stewart townsend

Stewart Townsend

Specialists - SaaS Channels
David Bailey Techcelerate Specialist CFO

David Bailey

Your Part-time CFO

Phil Webb

Specialist - HealthTech

Alexandra Morris

Specialist - Operations

Robert Wakeling

Specialist - Telcom

Andy Baker

Specialist - Commercialisation

Charlie Cox

Specialist - Blockchain


Tech Companies

In addition to functioning as the Chief Investment Officer or Chief Strategy Officer, Techcelerate provides a number of complementary services.


Work with Techcelerate to de-risk your investment and increase your Exit multiples.

Idea to MVP

  • Idea Validation
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Gaining Early Customers

Problem Solution Fit

  • Problem Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Early Metrics
  • Road Map Analysis

Product Market Fit

  • Positioning
  • Channel Development
  • Traction Analysis
  • Growth Trajectories


  • Company Readiness
  • Investment Readiness
  • Investor Roadshow
  • Post Investment Growth

Angel Investors

  • Syndication
  • Portfolio Audits
  • Early Exits
  • Due Diligence

Venture Capitalists

  • Qualified Deal Flow
  • Northern Representation
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • M&A Support

Techcelerate Network

  • Tech Companies
  • Investors
  • Specialists
  • Partners

Techcelerate Talent

  • Techcelerate Specialists
  • Recruitment Support
  • Legal Advisors
  • Financial Advisors

Techcelerate Research

  • Investment Deal News
  • Investment Insights
  • Company Fact Sheets
  • Sector Reports

Get Investment News

Get tech investment news of British Tech Companies delivered to your inbox every week. Gain an understanding of who has raised investment, especially among your competition quickly.


What our Members (British Technology Companies) say about us
Manoj has the innate ability to cut through the noise and get the core of the problem when it comes to starting or scaling a tech business. That combined with his ability to listen empathetically and always adopt a solution-oriented mindset is what encouraged us to work with Techcelerate.
Ram Raghavan, MS, MBA, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO at Talent36T
At the Tech Show North exhibition organised by Prolific North, somebody asked me how I got my pilot users. When I listed them it became obvious that nearly every single one of them I acquired either directly or indirectly as a result of being a member of Techcelerate.
Joseph Petrie
Founder & CEO at Scriverto AI
We joined Techcelerate to raise our profile in the UK consumer, SaaS, media and investment space. We want people to understand us and our products and tell us what we need to change so we can grow. We’re big fans of listening before broadcasting!
Martyn Gould
Co-Founder & CEO at yboo
Techcelerate has been an invaluable guide – helping me to benefit from the experience and knowledge of others. I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking aggressive growth of their tech business.
Russell Groves
Founder & CEO at Training Sensei


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