Techcelerate Specialists are ideal in filling skill gaps in your company when getting ready for investment, as well as when there is a need to achieve a rapid growth boost post-investment. They are ideal to take on mini projects and help you in your quest to build a £100m turnover tech company.
Manoj Ranaweera Techcelerate

Manoj Ranaweera

Builder of Tech Products & Companies

Strategy & Commercialisation

Previously, Founder & CEO (UnifiedVU, edocr and ebdex) and Board Advisor (Cazoomi). Specialise in setting up and growing SaaS tech companies since 2004. Helping Startups through tech ecosystem development in the UK and Sri Lanka since 2006. SaaS Strategic Advisor since 2011. US-based Cloud Software Association Strategic Advisor since 2018. Now helping tech companies raise investment and M&A with focus on strategy, positioning and commercialisation.

Andy Baker

Tech Commercialisation

Opening up revenue channels

Currently, commercialising graphene sensor technology (HP1 Technologies). Previously, commercialised robotic technology for cleaning services (The Perfect Little Company), smart sensors in garments (SmartLife), music rights across advertising world (Exhibeo) and global crowdsourcing site for video, producing advertisements and short films (MoFilm). Andy can help you discover and structure new revenue channels and open commercialisation of technologies.
David Bailey Techcelerate Specialist CFO

David Bailey

Part-time CFO

Growth Finance & Governance

Board Director of SEMLEP, David previously led Flix Innovations (Chairman), Crystel Umbrella (CFO) and MovieStorm (CEO). David has extensive experience in commercialisation of computer games, animation, film, television and music. David is ideal for part-time CFO role for rapidly growing technology companies. Once your revenues are north of £100k, it's best to start engaging with a part-time CFO, starting with one day a month and then increase as the company reach £1m ARR.

Phil Webb

Non Executive Director

Health Tech

Currently Founder & CEO of C7 Health (growth through new tech and acquisitions). Previously, EMIS (CTO), Logica (Programme Director) and Plusnet (CTO). Experience in delivering highly scalable data-driven platforms for NHS organisations meeting governance standards and security in tightly-regulated healthcare environments (39 million patient records supporting 100,000 doctors daily). Phil is currently interested in Non-Executive Director roles in growing health tech companies.
stewart townsend

Stewart Townsend

Growth via Channels

Sales Channel Development

Currently advising UK and US companies who are looking to grow through indirect channels. Previously: Zendesk (Channels), DataSift (Business Dev) and Sun Microsystems. Stuart previously set up and ran channels in EMEA for Zendesk leading up to the IPO and post-IPO. Stewart will be using his experience at high growth SaaS Startups to make certain you have the correct team and infrastructure to grow through a planned scaleable model. Your ARR needs to be above £500k to benefit.
Robert Wakeling of Wadaro

Robert Wakeling

Builder of Telcom Companies


Robert has over 30 years experience in Software product development ranging from embedded Software Engineer through to CTO. Last 15 years have been spent managing the development of service enablement and measurement solutions for licensing to mobile network operators and handset vendors. Robert is currently the CEO of Wadaro, who licenses products globally through channel partners for application to retail consumers, M2M and IoT services.

Charlie Cox


Blockchain and distributed ledger

Previously, co-founded Worldeka. Charlie has been active in Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies since 2015 and has built powerful Decentralised Apps (DApps), Tokens, Smart Contracts and other decentralised platforms and projects.