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Co-Working Spaces of Manchester

Produced by Sophie Ashcroft from from Full Stack of Pancakes


Startup Supporting Networks of Manchester


  1. Techcelerate – us of course, as this is our list, we are listing ourselves at No 1 slot. Finally some recognition! We are a commercial organisation. See our pricing for transparency. We work for Tech Founders to help them achieve their big visions.
  2. Manchester Digital – trading organisation for digital agencies, but finally giving some attention to tech startups.
  3. Tech Manchester – owned by UKFast and run by Patricia Keating. Big on mentoring.
  4. Tech Trust Manchester – Charity and Angel Network run by Peter Lusty.
  5. Manchester Science Park (MSP) – Part of Bruntwood empire. Key locations being Incubator building at Oxford Road and Bright Building in the heart of MSP. Also Alderley Park. Partnership with Investor Ladder and Cisco for Mi-Idea.
  6. Tech North Advocates – I don’t actually know what they do other than they have the local franchise for London based Tech Advocates.

Partial Builders:

  1. Apadmi Ventures – Equity for product development. Could also invest cash.
  2. We are Nova based out of Liverpool and Manchester. Funded by Terry Leahy and Ian Currie. Takes 50% investment. Good for startups at the idea stage.


Running out of time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/193730410734286/permalink/2163082830465691/ will come back later to add the rest!