Techcelerate exists to help accelerate the growth of Technology Companies and eventually reach an Exit for Founder and Management Teams. Our Network includes Tech Founders, Senior Management Teams, Partners, Specialists, Accelerators, Investors, Larger Tech Companies (i.e. Acquirers) and a Market Place (Software Tools).
Techcelerate Network


Tech Company Members form the heart of Techcelerate Network.
Techcelerate exists for the sole purpose of helping Founding and Management Teams of Tech Product Companies grow and achieve their overall visions.
We help fuel growth by tapping into the wisdom of our own as well as of fellow Members, Partners and Specialists.
Our Members range from pre-MVP to Series A Tech Product Companies from HealthTech to Telecom.
Malinko, Wadaro and MakeUrMove are three Members of the old Techcelerate Network from 2006 to 2013. We are thrilled to have them as Members once again.

Speed up Growth with Techcelerate

Join us today to benefit from the wisdom of the dynamic Techcelerate Network dedicated to helping you achieve growth.


Techcelerate Specialists are ideal in filling skill gaps .
When you are ready to achieve growth, you need all the help you can get.
Techcelerate Specialists are ready to step in to help by filling the skill gaps you have, especially during times when it does not justify hiring expensive senior specialist talent as employees.
Specialists are ideal when getting ready for investment, as well as when there is a need to achieve a rapid growth boost post-investment.
They are ideal to take on mini projects and help you in your quest to build a sizeable (e.g. £100m turnover) tech company.
Manoj Ranaweera Techcelerate

Manoj Ranaweera

The Man behind Techcelerate
stewart townsend

Stewart Townsend

Specialists - SaaS Channels
David Bailey Techcelerate Specialist CFO

David Bailey

Your Part-time CFO

Phil Webb

Specialist - HealthTech
Robert Wakeling of Wadaro

Robert Wakeling

Specialist - Telcom

Charlie Cox

Specialist - Blockchain

Andy Baker

Specialist - Commercialisation

Specialising with Techcelerate

If you have deep knowledge and experience of helping Technology Companies succeed, we like to hear from you.


Techcelerate would be incomplete without our trusted Partners.
Our partners work actively with Techcelerate to help our Tech Company Members accelerate the growth of their Tech Companies.
In addition to providing direct services, Techcelerate runs workshops jointly with our Partners.
Crowe and Sci-Tech Daresbury were Partners of the old Techcelerate from 2006 to 2013. We are thrilled to have them as Partners once again.

Partnering with Techcelerate

If you sell your services to Tech Companies, Techcelerate is an ideal company to partner with.


What we and our Network get up to
Techcelerate Health Tech Cluster Discussion

Techcelerate Health Tech Cluster discussion – Separating NHS Data from Applications

We are hosting our first Techcelerate Health Tech Cluster Discussion on Clubhouse tonight at 7 pm [...]

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Wadaro continues with Techcelerate for the second year

I've known Robert Wakeling of Wadaro Solutions for well over a decade, first as office mates [...]

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budget 2021

Budget update by John Leake of Sci-Tech Daresbury

I have been so pre-occupied lately and only now realised about the budget announcement. John Leake [...]

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Amplify human intelligence with AI

An interview with Raj Muppala of AI tech startup Haix

One of the tech founders to join Techcelerate in October 2020 is Raj Muppala of Haix. [...]

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Why should you join Techcelerate?

What is Techcelerate? We are not an accelerator. We focus on solving real problems and helping [...]

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Factor Research Score

FactorResearch to replace expensive ETFs

I just caught up with Nicolas Rabener of Factor Research, who is the latest Tech Founder [...]

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Twilio SendGrid

Free Twilio and SendGrid credits for Techcelerate Companies

I am thrilled to report, Twilio which now owns SendGrid in addition to their own awesome [...]

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Trademark Tonic to strengthen trademark and copyrights of tech startups

A quick introduction to your company? Trademark Tonic provides a refreshing approach to trademark and design, [...]

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Garry Partington, CEO, Apadmi

Apadmi Ventures joins Techcelerate

I'm thrilled to announce that Garry Partington and Apadmi Ventures have joined Techcelerate. I've known Garry [...]

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Microsof for Startups

Why do big brands like Microsoft think that others should work for them for nothing?

When Microsoft's startup programme, BizSpark launched in the UK in 2009, the old Techcelerate (2006 to [...]

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