Alex Alexandrescu

Manoj Ranaweera
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Co-Founder & CEO, Dicey Tech

Romanian-born and Manchester-bred entrepreneur, who graduated top of class from his MSc in Business Analysis and Strategy at the University of Manchester.

With a background in strategy consulting, Alex developed a passion for technology and digital making when he bought and assembled his first 3D printer. Now he is co-founder and CEO at Dicey Tech, aiming to inspire and enable young generations of students to learn and develop themselves for the future of work.

Dicey Tech team is on a dicey mission to revolutionise STEM education by changing how students interact with and learn about technology, facilitating their development into active creators rather than passive consumers.

Alex sees this as a precondition to enabling a labour market where new generations of innovators have the skills, interest, and self-awareness to work alongside machines and thrive in the next industrial revolution.

One of his proudest achievements is having cycled from London to Bucharest in support of Fara Foundation, a UK – Romanian charity that helps young orphans throughout primary and secondary education.