Dicey Tech

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Dicey Tech connects Education with Industry through exciting, hands-on projects that teach curriculum knowledge, build 21st-century skills, and provide insights into careers.

Education has always been the key to unlocking social prosperity. But education is no longer fit for the needs of the real world. Dicey Tech exists to connect the forefront of innovation with the back row of education. Dicey Tech makes education exciting and relevant, preparing learners to thrive in the future of work.

The Smart Home Box

The perfect kit box for 11-18 year olds to play, learn and innovate by making smart devices. Learn science and build foundational skills in coding, 3D design, electronics, and creative problem-solving.

For Educators

Use the projects for STEM clubs or to deliver parts of your curriculum!

For Employers

Build education outreach campaigns around fun projects and challenges!

Founded by Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Biebert.

Dicey Tech Company Profile. Source: Deal Lite