Does Techcelerate raise Investment for Tech Startups

Manoj Ranaweera
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A number of conditions need to be met before we get involved, and Manoj takes the role of Chief Investment Officer (CIO) within a tech product startup.

Being part of Techcelerate

If you are not part of Techcelerate’s trusted founder network, we won’t touch you. Secondly, if the sole aim of you joining us is for us to raise investment, please don’t join us.

Community comes first before fundraising. We also want to get to know you at least for six months.

The three conditions

Once you are part of Techcelerate’s trusted network, you need to have three things in place before we can consider taking on the CIO role. These being:

  • You have a Product that works – if not, our Growth Partner, Wire Apps can help you get the product ready
  • You need to have a functioning team with a clear idea of vision and how to execute it – if not, our Growth Partners can help
  • You need to have growing early sales demonstrating traction. If you are a user based business such as a mobile app focusing on building a large user base first, then we want to see significant traction.


We have our own intelligence tool called Deal Lite to help us narrow down on business angels and investors.

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