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Manoj Ranaweera
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My attempt to have a functioning Slack channel has not worked miracles as I hoped. It seems a lot of companies are fed up with Slack even though in some cases, they use it for internal communications.


What seems to be working right now is WhatsApp. Our plan to have a large number of WhatsApp channels was too optimistic. So we have restructured as below:

  1. Techcelerate Members – currently CEOs of 14 Member Tech Companies.
  2. Techcelerate Trusted – 14 Tech Company CEOs, 12 Partners (generally CEOs or Managing Partners) and 8 Specialists
  3. Techcelerate Fans – those who are not in (1) or (2).


Then we have a few regional groups:

  1. Techcelerate Liverpool
  2. Techcelerate Swansea


Followed by temporary groups to suit specific discussions.


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Ideally, I would like to find a better channel than WhatsApp. It has to be something everyone is already on, so no behaviour change on their part would be necessary. Secondly, if it’s outside the ownership of Facebook empire, that would be a big bonus.


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