Wadaro continues with Techcelerate for the second year

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I’ve known Robert Wakeling of Wadaro Solutions for well over a decade, first as office mates at Sci-Tech Daresbury Innovations Centre multi-suite. Sci-Tech Daresbury is a partner of Techcelerate. Then as a member of the old Techcelerate network (from 2006 to 2013). Then as a trusted friend. Robert joined us last year and glad to have him continue with us going forward.

Robert Wakeling of Wadaro


Founded in 2005 – Wadaro is a developer of Software products targeting Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. Wadaro products implement small Javacard Applet Software in SIM cards and eSIM to collect KPIs from mobile phones and connected machine applications. MNOs use these KPIs to measure and improve their services.

Main products of Wadaro Solution include:

  • Geolocating equipment without using GPS – Geolocating mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices without using GPS.
  • Measuring Quality of Services (QoS) in IoT – Measuring the quality of service delivered to the machine and IoT applications.
  • Measuring customer Quality of Equipment (QoE) – Insight into the end customer experience of service anywhere they go.


Founder and CEO of Wadaro, Robert Wakeling shared with us how Wadaro is keeping up with the current situation:

“Covid19 has caused problems for the mobile telcom industry, just as it has for any other business.  This has led to an inward focus, especially on revenue protection and staff wellbeing. As time passes, we are seeing some of our customers heading towards some form of normality. We experience this as a slow increase in contact with current customers and new prospective customers.

Our products crowdsource KPIs from within SIM cards and eSIMs, so service quality measurement is executed from a central location and without the need to travel across the country seems to be of great interest to MNOs. 2021 has only just started but we are already very busy!”



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