A simplistic way to reprioritise your tasks and workload

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In the past, I used many tools to manage tasks and my current favourite is none other than Trello. As I build Techcelerate, I try to simplify everything I do. Sometimes, this is counterproductive, especially if you have a large team, but in my case, I am the team in addition to the help I get from my wife and my eldest daughter.


Before Re-prioritisation

So this was my Trello Board today:

Trello before simplification


As you can see I’ve used many labels.

Trello labels before simplification


Given that I have not cleared my tasks for the previous dates, I realised I have a problem with prioritising.


After Re-prioritisation

But going forward, I plan to simply everything to:

  1. Sales – incorporating all activities that would eventually result in revenue generation.
  2. Delivery – what I need to do to improve the quality of our tech companies and progress them as well as working with partners, specialists and investors
  3. Admin – from finance to staying legal.


Then I’ve decided to add severity levels:

  1. Critical – significant business impact
  2. Important – Need to be done
  3. Wishful – Not mandatory


Then time assign them:

  1. Today – must be done
  2. This week
  3. This month


So here’s what the new labelling looks like:

Trello labels after simplification


Here’s what the new Trello Board looks like:

Trello after simplification


With the new labelling, the task that must be done would have three labels in red. You can almost forget about the task which has three yellow labels. Much easier for the eye in understanding real priorities.


What methods have you deployed recently to achieve productivity gains in yourself and your organisation?

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