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Dicey Tech has been growing in the Edtech market since 2017, bringing out the educative technology that demonstrates 3D printing’s creative potential to innovate and educate.


Dicey Tech 3DU Project Skills


The 3DUCATE learning platform features a growing list of projects that deliver the Key Stage 3-5 national curriculum in the context of the real world.

Makerverse is an on-demand manufacturing facility. You can upload your 3D model, to get it manufactured and delivered on time.


Dicey Tech Makerverse


That is not all, and Dicey Tech is not done with all the creative, bold ideas their creative team can come up with, so they are planning to launch yet another product…

Dicey Tech co-founder Alex Alexandrescu shared a few words about their new product with Techcelerate,

“The product is a new offering, or more specifically a new way for us to package our offering to help parents with homeschooling in such a difficult time.

We took some of our most exciting projects and turned them into kit boxes. A parent making the purchase would receive the kit box (includes electronics and plastic parts), access to an immersive learning experience on our platform, and another fully custom component. We are looking to launch 3 specific projects: a drone, an autonomous vehicle, and a magnet train”


How this works:

  • Students can assemble all components from the box to make, for example, an autonomous vehicle.
  • Then the student can log in to the platform and learn how to re-create the whole project from the beginning (including 3D design, coding, wiring, etc).
  • As the final stage in the learning experience, the student can redesign or design a new part of the vehicle (say the shape of the body) – send it to Dicey Tech who will 3D print it and ship it back to the student.

We are all very much looking forward to the launch of this interesting new product and congratulations to Alex, Sofiane and their team!


Author: Pevini Peiris

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