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Raj MuppalaOne of the tech founders to join Techcelerate in October 2020 is Raj Muppala of Haix. I had the privilege to catch up with Raj a few days back.

“Everyone is in the race for AI, however lack of explainability and integrated platforms delays AI adoption”.





What got you into Tech Entrepreneurship?

I studied Engineering and had spent 15 years in corporate life working with companies like IBM, Shell, Hitachi, Deutsche Bank in Europe and USA.

I ran big data transformation programmes and managed global teams across the world in technology and business. I headed up innovation in companies like Hitachi in bringing the latest technology to optimise business functions.

Things are changing in the last 10 years with so much data than ever, it’s hard to get insights. This has paved the way for me to look at starting tech entrepreneurship.


Haix Home Page


What made you found the tech startup?

Being working with companies on large scale programmes, the common problem I witnessed was on data especially when organisations tried to extract value from data and the problems arising from such attempts.

The reason for starting my own business, Haix was to help businesses to extract value from data quickly using the latest technologies like Explainable AI, to reach faster benefits.

Our Mission is to bring efficiencies to humans and amplify human intelligence with transparent solutions. It’s been inspired by great people and we are building a great team of leading researchers and industry experts in building solutions.

How far have you got with your tech startup?

  • I started Haix in August 2019 with the vision to help companies accelerate AI solutions quickly and at low-cost.
  • We have built Haix with leading experts from academia, industry experts and technologists in building scalable solutions for complex challenges.
  • We have a great core team of technologists (AI experts and software engineers), domain experts and top professors leading our R&D. Have successful entrepreneurs as advisors.
  • We are organically growing by bootstrapping, built an MVP in 8 weeks and developed an Enterprise SaaS product Alivecore to help companies monitor their risks, reputation and customer insights in real-time.
  • Used by Enterprise companies like Modefinance and built very strong partnerships with leading companies like Logmein and Magic software.


Haix Product Proposition


Challenges wise Covid-19 has been a little impactful with sales. However, we have been spending our efforts on product development and foundation.

What made you join Techcelerate?

I’ve come across Founder Manoj Ranaweera and his good work in helping start-ups. I’ve found it very interesting and their help and support to start-ups with right partners and workshops on various areas of start-up (legal, product sales, Grant options, etc).

What are your expectations from Techcelerate Network?

To connect with Techcelerate network of founders and partners to grow my business. To contribute and support fellow founders in helping them with our Products and services in AI.

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