I love watching traffic – how weird is that?

Manoj Ranaweera
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I have weird habits (I call them micro hobbies). Among them is watching traffic – you can learn so much from those who visit your websites to consume your content and where they come from.

So far, recent traffic has led me already to identify potential future acquirers and partners. I see competitors as partners. This gives me an opportunity to build vital relationships.


Why should you consider competitors as partners?

We all have competitors. Some are out to crush us and others are not. Those who are not, might not even see us as competition. They may be much bigger than us and have competitors of their own size to worry about. In my opinion, what you need to worry about the most is those who you not know yet. They may be operating in stealth or with less publicity and getting ready to pounce at your own game when ready. However, you cannot treat competitors blindly. You need to have a strategy (a game plan).


What else can you learn by watching traffic?

You can learn which content gets consumed regularly and where the traffic comes from. Here is an example:

Of course, the same data can be extracted via your web analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics), even in real-time. But watching the traffic using your chat software (e.g. Tawk) gives fresh intelligence.

What weird business habits, do you have?

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